A2 Cow Ghee

Pure Desi Cow Ghee

Every home needs a jar of Amrutam.

Also known as Vedic A2 cow ghee, it is explicitly made from A2 cow milk which is expressly procured from Indian cow breeds. Amrutam's A2 cow ghee is hand-churned to perfection using the ancient 'bilona' process which retains the elements of sweetness and contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium. The nutritional value of pure desi A2 ghee exceeds the benefits of any other ghee and is rich in aroma and taste. It is equally beneficial for those that are casein and lactose intolerant.

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Organically Prepared

desi cow ghee

machine and chemical free

Handchurned with love


Desi ghee with the best aroma, delicious taste, and vibrant color.


The Healthier Substitute with a high smoking point.


Enriched with Vitamins, Calcium, and Protein.

WHAT MAKES US the best ghee in India?

Using the ancient methods of Vedic ages, our Ghee is cooked through churned 'Valona'. This is how the creamiest and healthiest butter is obtained, retaining the best constituents.

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Amrutam Ghee is primarily produced using the Vedic Bilona Process which ensures maximum nutritional value with every spoonful.


Cows are sacred, and we treat them with lots of love and care.


No chemicals involved. Grass and fodder-fed cows for premium produce.

MADE In India

Explicitly made by Indians who are pioneers in hand-churned A2 ghee.


30 liters* of pure a2 milk makes 1 Liter of amrutam ghee


A2 cow ghee for every cuisine.


Shudh desi ghee, the best you get.


Multiple benefits of ghee from a single product.

Ayurvedic Nuskhe


Deepanshu Jain

The quality of products is very good and the products are all genuine with no artificial chemicals. The ghee is truly "Amrutam" to the "halahal" (junk food) one consumes on a daily basis. Do try!

Amul Joshi

Superb quality products. Must must must buy products and use them daily to live healthy life. God bless you all.

Sambhav Jain

Lakhs of brand which says our ghee is the best, thousands of brand says our ghee is organic, hundreds of brand says our ghee is healthy, I tried quiet few of them...and Amrutam ghee is one of them, which I am thinking to trust for some more time and continue its consumption considering the difference I felt after using it...

Amrit Kaur

Cow ghee is used since childhood in my home. We use it for food, skincare and haircare. Amrutam Cow Ghee is pure form of ghee. It tastes just like homemade ghee.

A. Dwivedi

The ghee is really rich in taste and flavourful.
The ghee is made from A2 milk and hence is really light and texture is great 👍

Vidhi Sharma

Amrutam Ghee is a pleasant surprise. So good to know that people are thinking about purity again. The ghee is very much authentic. Just the way we use to have in our childhood days.

Niranjar S. Parmar

To be honest how can I trust that this is pure ghee? But just because the research these guys have put and the way they speak about it, I have to give them benefit of doubt and trust them. I will say it is rare to find pure product. Doing such business is like doing Tapasya. Wish you luck!

Parag Shah​

I was able to get my hands on amrutam ghee, it is very pure and aroma is very good. People looking for A2 Desi ghee should definitely try Amrutam Ghee.

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