The idea of a healthy India

We believe that you deserve the best. We, therefore, strive in assisting as many people as possible in living a healthy and happy life through the primary need: food.

Years of research brought us to a social entrepreneurship solution benefiting not just you and us, but also hundreds of farmers, cowherds, and cows. We do not diminish the nutrients by heating the cream of milk; we bring out the best qualities of milk, curd, buttermilk, and cream in one product: Amrutam Desi Cow Ghee. Amrutam Global is a proud enabler of the process, bringing the forgotten secrets to nourish you physically and intellectually.

Amrutam is not a business, but a social entrepreneurship venture undertaken for the health benefits of its stakeholders. This shudh desi ghee sourced from the interiors of Kutch where the cows are pampered (reared) with love and affection by their family is the perfect element for your health and mental peace. Free from the negative influence of chemicals and adulteration, the result is a creation of a pure, natural product: pure desi cow ghee.

Our mantra is

Health. Happiness. Peace.

WHY ONLY pure desi cow GHEE?

All Desi Cow products are essential for good health. Since urban spaces no longer have the pollution-free environment or the real estate to rear cows, fresh milk, curd and buttermilk of the best quality are often difficult to deliver on a regular basis. Ghee, on the other hand, has a long shelf life and can be distributed with a longer time constraint and distance without loss of any nutritional value of cow ghee.

Based on your convenience. We offer Glass Jar Packaging which is leak proof, safe for usage and is also an Ideal Option for Packaging.

THE team

We are Sanyam, Deep, and Divyank, a trio on a journey to make good things better, especially with food and health. Hailing from the finance, management and marketing backgrounds, they've set out to change the world of health one jar of ghee at a time. In their free time, they love to read, improve and spread awareness on how a healthy meal can change your life.

"We hope you enjoy your jar of health as much as we do."

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