A healthier alternative superfood to healthy alternative foods

Amrutam India के द्वारा

Popularly also known as Lotus seeds, fox nuts and Gorgon Nuts, Phool Makhanas have been around for quite a while. A healthy alternative for in-between meal snacks. These processed lotus flower seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition and have the potential of preventing several ailments. 

Makhanas are gluten free as well which makes it the best choice to replace an unhealthy snack for those who have wheat allergies. They are also rich in protein and have very little amounts of calories, fat and sodium which makes it a superfood. It also provides nourishment to the heart as it improves cardiac strength and according to ayurvedic science, it gives strength to the body and reduces fatigue.

  • The presence of protein in Makhanas helps you feel that your stomach is full for longer periods of time and stops you from binge eating later.
  • It is also recommended to diabetic patients due to their low glycemic index.
  • The high calcium content in makhanas makes them great for bone and teeth health.
  • The high fiber in makhanas, strengthens the digestive process and prevents constipation.
  • Makhanas are enriched with antioxidants, which further help in relieving chronic inflammation, early ageing and stress.

Some recipes using Makhanas

Makhanas can be put into several other recipes like makhana kheer, makhana curry and caramelized makhana. However, roasted makhanas are the best snack for anyone at any time, with all the nutritional benefits, it is also very tasty when roasted with pure ghee. 

Here’s our go to Roasted Makhana recipe:

-Heat the pan on full flame.
-Add one teaspoon butter, once the butter is hot, bring the flame to simmer
-Add makhana and roast until crunchy. 

In this fast era of fast lives where everyone is busy moving at their own paces, even the food has to be fast. But the drawbacks of fast food are the adverse effects it inevitably has on our health. It is now more crucial than ever for people to make healthy choices for themselves. That is why Amrutam Makhanas are the perfect choice for a healthy and superfood alternative to your in-between snacks. So the next time you have a food craving while working from home or pulling an all nighter study session, you know what's good for you, just go to your kitchen and grab a bag of Amrutam makhanas and make the healthier choice for yourself.