Why A2 cow ghee is yellow in color?

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A2 cow ghee – some love it, while others run away from it. However, the truth prevails that regular consumption of ghee is super beneficial for your body. From applying to fight dry skin to help prevent cancer, this food constituent is instrumental in keeping the body healthy and strong since time immemorial.

Fun Fact: About 30 liters of Cow Ghee makes for one liter of our A2 cow ghee.

Numerous nutritionists, doctors, and experts advocate pure desi cow ghee and how it should be consumed in moderation to reap its benefits. Furthermore, the purest A2 Ghee is made by the bilona process.

The Process of Making Ghee

A2 Ghee is natural ghee. Furthermore, the color yellow in the ghee comes naturally. The bidirectional churning of bilona enhances the medicinal properties of ghee. Once the water has evaporated from the cream, the ghee is separated from the milk solids. The ‘bilona’ or ‘valona’ process covers the following steps:

Step 1: Milking the cow and curd formation

The milk sourced from cows is stored in a container. Once the milk is boiled to eliminate the bacteria in it, it is then churned to curd in clay pots.

Step 2: Hand churning

Once the milk has successfully turned into curd, it is hand-churned in a wooden churner. To turn the curd into ghee, depending on the season, the choices of water used are typically as follows:

  • During winters, hot water is added to the curd.

  • During summers, cold water is added to the curd.

Fun Fact: This method of churning curd was traditionally called “Bilona.”

Step 3: Preparation of Ghee

Once the butter is produced after the process of churning, it is then separated to give us pure desi A2 cow ghee. This step includes pouring the butter into a pan and heating it over a cow dung flame. Boiling the ghee gives you makhan and buttermilk. What you find, at the end of the third step is ghee that is yellow in color, and smells heavenly.

Golden benefits of a2 cow ghee:

A2 Ghee is known by many names, ayurvedic ghee and cow ghee being some of them. The use of ghee as a staple in the Indian diet is a given. If you love adding ghee to pretty much everything, here are some ayurvedic ghee benefits:

  • Digestive Properties: The butyric acid in A2 cow ghee heals the digestive tract, ensures smooth bowels and improves digestion. For people suffering from constipation, cow ghee with hot milk at night is a sure way to smoothen bowel movements.

  • Better Absorption of Nutrients: A2 cow ghee contains antioxidants, conjugated linoleic acid and major fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, and D, which ensures complete absorption of nutrients into the body.

  • Protection for deadly diseases: Hand churned milk is rich in linolenic acid, which aids weight loss, especially belly fat. Furthermore, it also helps in slowing cancer, preventing heart disease, headaches, gastric problems, broken bones, treating asthma and burns.

Yellow! Why is cow ghee yellow?

The common notion is that ghee produced from the milk of other animals is white. However, pure desi cow ghee is yellow, and the color is natural. The iconic yellow color serves as an identification mark for A2 cow ghee.

The color yellow comes from the fact that the cow’s milk fat contains a pigment called the Beta-carotene, the carotenoid which is a precursor of vitamin-A.

Fun facts related to cow ghee and its color-

  • The color yellow in ghee variants stands true only if the cows have been taken care of well and fed good fodder.

  • According to the TOI, there have been many cases of ghee adulteration. However, there are ways to check if your ghee is legit and not adulterated. The simplest way to check the purity of the cow ghee is to pour a spoonful of ghee on your palm, and if it naturally starts to melt, it is unadulterated.

  • Cow’s milk fat is a small granular structure-type, which also plays a role in its color because of the presence of colored Vitamin A.

A2 Ghee is natural ghee. Since cow ghee, like the one at Amrutam, is produced without machines and commercial methods, it is loaded with all the natural benefits and the perfect shade of yellow. At Amrutam, we not only help you add the goodness of ghee to your life and diet, but we also ensure that you get quality ghee. Our A2 Cow ghee is the purest kind of ghee you can consume and find in the market, which you can purchase at our shop.