Where to buy ghee?

Amrutam India के द्वारा

A2 cow ghee has been in talks for quite a long time now. With its numerous benefits, shudh desi cow ghee is back on the shelves, in larger numbers than before. Nutritionists, doctors, fitness experts, and even wellness coaches are now recommending a spoonful of desi ghee to earn good health.

Whilst all our doubts about ghee have been resolved, the question of where to buy ghee still persists.

Yesteryear story was different. Desi cow ghee was churned in most homes considering the fact that cattle rearing was one of the most common occupations across villages and small towns. Hunting for desi ghee was therefore never required. Today, living in the concrete jungles, it’s a task to get your hands on pure desi cow ghee. With everything from groceries to furniture, and now ghee, available online, how do you know which website would be the best place to make a purchase?

With that in mind, here are some prospective places to buy pure desi ghee:

Local shops

Check out your local kiranawala in the first place. Most local grocery shops sell pure desi cow ghee of multiple brands and you always have a wide choice to pick the one that would suit your taste palate.

Dairy shops

Good dairy outlets are generally the best places to pick hand-churned desi cow ghee. Most of them are family businesses which often means good quality cows and healthy rearing instead of merely vendor-oriented approach. So, next time you walk into the nearby dairy shop to buy a slab of paneer, do not forget to ask for a jar of a2 cow ghee.

Supermarkets and malls

Regardless of a big or small city, a mall is a must have and when that’s the case, almost every food type is under one big roof. One of the most preferred ways of gaining attention and loyal customers is by sharing space in a mall. This stands true even for ghee sellers. Many desi cow ghee brands now have their branches even across malls and stations, either as independent stores or on the shelves of a supermarket franchise like Big Bazaar or Nature's Basket.

Organic outlets

Several organic brands are making their way into the cities and small towns as well. Organic tea, cereals, and even desi ghee have become people’s favourites. You definitely can look out for a bottle of shudh desi ghee in the organic section of a supermarket or a store anywhere in your city.

Directly from the source

Few lucky ones have the privilege of owning and rearing desi cows and if you happen to know someone like this in your close circle, ask for a jar of desi ghee without hesitation. Purchasing a2 cow ghee directly from the primary source is not only cost effective but also guaranteed, convenient, and authentic at best.

Order online

The fastest and the perhaps the easiest way to choose and pick cow ghee of your taste is available online. A large number of desi ghee brands now have their online portals in the form of websites, Instagram handles, Facebook pages and you can order desi ghee with one click, sitting anywhere across the globe. Many of the leading desi ghee brands, like Amrutam, have also partnered with e-commerce giants like Amazon for easy and fast delivery. An added benefit of buying online is the discounts and offers that might just land you to a really good deal on your otherwise standard 1-litre ghee price.

Desi cow ghee is my next big purchase this season, how about you?