What makes pure desi cow ghee a Super Food?

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In the recent past, grandma’s gracious dollop of homemade pure desi cow ghee on your paratha whilst wishing you a good day at school is a long forgotten story. A whole new wave of how ‘ghee is not good for you’ consumed many, until today, when modern science cleaned the coasts and pure desi cow ghee resurfaced as the newest superfood, something our ancestors already knew centuries ago. Medical research brought to light the health benefits of desi ghee and reiterated its importance in the everyday diet.

But, what makes desi cow ghee a superfood? Not one, not two, but an entire bunch of radical reasons make this naturally derived product, a must-have for a healthy life:

Provides direct energy: The medium chain fatty acids in cow ghee are absorbed by the liver directly and also utilized immediately making it a healthier and a direct source of energy as compared to carbs or proteins.

Boosts weight loss: YES, you heard that right. Ghee does not cause weight gain. Healthy fats constituting desi ghee accelerate the fat burning process and enable faster weight loss. So, next time you enter your kitchen, do not forget to scoop a spoonful of ghee, and reach closer to that dream figure.

Reduces risk of major ailments: Pure desi cow ghee is packed with conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid which prevents accumulation of plaque along the arteries and reduces the risk of heart disease. One teaspoon of cow ghee every day reduces cholesterol levels and also minimizes the risk of other fatal diseases like cancer and diabetes.


Improves digestion: Desi cow ghee should be a part of your everyday meal because the butyric acid in it heals the digestive tract, ensures smooth bowels and improves digestion. For people suffering from constipation, cow ghee with hot milk at night is a sure way to smoothen bowel movements. It also increases the production of the killer T cells in the gut and boosts immunity naturally.

Cures inflammation: Among the many cow ghee benefits, one of it is the reduction of inflammation. Ghee is one of the best homemade remedies to keep your joints innately lubricated and heal inflamed tissues.

Increases flexibility: Shudh desi cow ghee has been used in Ayurveda cooking, especially by the yogis, for centuries, considering its natural ability to strengthen the connective tissues, increase flexibility and muscle resilience.

Ensures emotional detox: Research has shown natural ghee to have a considerable impact on emotional well-being. The healthy fats in ghee apparently do not store negative toxins and instead flush them out, helping you get that emotional detox.

Improves mother and baby’s health: Hand-churned desi cow ghee seems to help you have babies with flawless skin and enhanced facial features. Desi cow ghee is believed to aid the development of the baby, prevent constipation in pregnancy, ease labor, maintain digestion and nourish both mother and child.

With its increasing importance, desi ghee has become a favorite even among celebrity dieticians who now endorse shudh desi cow ghee and A2 Gir cow ghee in regular meals. Pure desi cow ghee is also available online across India.