What makes bilona or valona the best process for desi ghee

Amrutam India के द्वारा

In the 'Mahabharata,' devas (Gods) had to do Samundra Manthan to get Amrut. Today, one has to do Manthan (read: churning) to obtain ghee as pure as the nectar of Gods - Amrutam. Desi Ghee, the reservoir of infinite goodness has held a crucial place in Ayurvedic medicines. It is prepared using various methods, but the one producing the purest desi ghee is the traditional bilona process. Ghee prepared by the bilona process using milk procured by grass-fed cows is called Vedic ghee.

In the bilona process, ghee is prepared by churning the curd of milk using a wooden churner and then heating the cream obtained from it. The churning being bidirectional enhances the medicinal properties of ghee. Once the water is evaporated from cream, the ghee is separated from the milk solids.

  • The essence of milk - In other methods, the cream is extracted from milk and then churned to form butter. This butter is then simmered to obtain ghee and impurities that accumulate on the surface are skimmed. The solid residue at the bottom is discarded. This ghee possesses the qualities of cream and not the milk as compared to bilona ghee which retains the essence of milk as it uses curd from milk.

  • Purity - Purity is of utmost importance in the food we consume. Our body obtains the best nourishment by pure, unadulterated products. Pure A2 cow ghee obtained by the bilona process is the most beneficial and purest form of ghee.

  • Worth the price - Everything good has an equally good price attached to it and this stands true for desi ghee too as 30 kgs of curd is used to obtain 1 kg pure desi ghee. The manual labor involved is high as it consumes time, these factors justify the high cost of pure desi cow ghee.

  • Medicinal properties - Bilona ghee has been used as medicine for ages in Ayurveda. It has tremendously high medicinal qualities as bilona’s bidirectional churning contributes to the ghee's medicinal capabilities. The uses are countless, few of them are aiding the digestive system, curing dryness, improving eyesight, curing cough, providing energy and anti-aging effects.

  • Sacred and auspicious - Pure desi ghee is used for auspicious purposes in puja, yagya etc. The purity makes it apt for use in religious ceremonies. No wonder it was Lord Krishna’s favorite.

  • Beneficial for pregnant ladies and babies - A2 cow ghee is recommended for pregnant woman and babies as it provides them with much-needed energy, aids digestion, and improves immunity.

Our purity reflects in our actions, the food we eat gets translated into our personality. A2 cow ghee obtained by bilona process enriches our lives while improving overall health. Thank goodness we don’t have to do manthan for your share of Amrut, it is easily available online as well as offline. Visit our shop and grab some of that healthy goodness!