What makes Amrutam Ghee Cruelty-Free?

Amrutam India के द्वारा

Once upon a time, all food was organic and cruelty-free, which is currently not the case. Today, the world is progressing at a flabbergasting pace, with most establishments being solely profit-oriented. The greed leads to exploitation of resources to the extent of cruelty. Why should anyone suffer just because of our avarice? Animals all over the world are being put through unbearable pain to achieve certain targets. This situation is most common in pharma, dairy and cosmetics industries.

Animals, like all of us are sentient beings. They go through trauma just like we do, it’s just that they can’t raise their voice against it like us. It’s jittering to even think about how common cruelty is that now products that are cruelty-free, stand out. Being cruelty-free product is a highlight.

Amrutam ghee is a social entrepreneurship solution benefitting not just you and us but also hundreds of farmers, cowherds and cows. We, at Amrutam, believe firmly in a cruelty-free environment. Once you love an animal, this love automatically transcends in the way you treat the animal. Amrutam was established with a desire to get the purest saatvic ghee from pure A2 cow milk in cruelty-free surroundings. We have faith in the saatvic food concept. Saatvic is a word derived from Sanskrit word Sattva which means pure, true, ethical, energetic, clean, strong, wise and vital.

It is of paramount importance to us at Amrutam to make purest ghee in a compassionate ambience as we understand that the food we eat is immensely affected by the mental state of the source of it. If prepared in a positive environment, food enriches our souls and is a carrier of that positivity to our bodies as well. Foundational principles that we follow at Amrutam are:

  • Ahimsa. Cows are sacred, we treat them with lot of love and care. No one has the right to slaughter an animal, its unjust.

  • Grass, fodder, and other nutritive foods are fed to cows. We stand against any artificial procedure on cows in order to get higher produce.

  • The Calf deserves the mother's milk before it is used for any other purpose.

  • Machine-free and chemical-free processes.

In a time where we check cosmetics that we apply on skin for the label 'against animal testing,' it is imperative that we must buy ghee prepared in cruelty-free environment for our own well-being. The Amrutam team assures you about the purity of ghee and dedication towards rearing the cows with affection. Happy animals, happy us, go grab your jar of happiness in the form of Amrutamghee.