What is the difference between vanaspati ghee and A2 cow ghee?

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The advantages of consuming A2 ghee are far superior and the points below explore this in detail.

Vanaspati Ghee vs Desi Cow A2 Ghee

  • Source

The main difference between the two is the source from which both the ghees originate. A2 cow ghee is made from the milk of purebred Indian cows that are grass-fed. This ensures the use of good quality milk, and an increased standard of ghee as well. Vanaspati, on the other hand, is usually made out of palm oil or other vegetable oils.

  • Process - bilona vs. hydrogenation

Pure A2 ghee is typically prepared using the Bilona process. This enhances the purity of the ghee while retaining the essence of milk and has been commended by Ayurveda for years. Vanaspati, on the other hand, is made through hydrogenation. It is the process in which vegetable oils are hardened under the optimum temperature and pressure. This causes the unsaturated fatty acids to get converted to saturated fats.

  • Health benefits

Science and research have backed up what ancient Indian traditions have been saying since millennia: Pure A2 cow ghee is healthier than Vanaspati. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, desi cow ghee is packed with all the nutrients our body needs. The presence of Conjugated Linoleic acid boosts our immune system and reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. Moreover, Butyric acid in cow ghee assists the inner gut lining and intestines that aids digestion.

Vanaspati ghee has a high content of trans fats that is neither safe nor healthy. Trans fatty acids increase low-density Lipoproteins (LDL) and decrease the concentration of high-density Lipoproteins (HDL). In other words, it increases the bad cholesterol and reduces the good cholesterol in our body. This increases the chances of heart attacks and other heart problems.

  • Price

The lower prices of Vanaspati ghee renders it a popular option for cooking in many Indian households. Hydrogenating vegetable oils makes it a cheaper option than desi cow ghee. However, don’t let the illusion of price influence your decision. Desi cow ghee comes in many forms and costs, but like everything else, price increases with quality. If you want to consume ghee that is natural, nourishing, and made using the bilona process, the price will be higher than Vanaspati, but the benefits will be endless.

Many people are still under the impression that A2 cow ghee is not suitable for health because it is the same as any other oily food constituent. But, studies have shown that compared to other oils, butter and Vanaspati, desi cow ghee is the healthiest option.

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