Trusted websites to purchase pure and premium A2 ghee

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The recent past has witnessed the transition from manual interaction to technology being the middleman for everything that involved human interactivity. For example, the food that you order to your doorstep. Previously, there wasn't an app to explore multiple restaurants around you and place an order in just a few swift motions. It was a rather painful process where you had to go to the restaurant and order food.

With food, we still expect it all to have the taste and feel like Ghar ka khana (home-cooked meal). The case is similar for food products that were earlier prepared by your mother or grandmother. While it is a good thing that we can order products online, it has severely affected the quality of the products. Our loyalty and trust toward companies and websites that claim to sell "homemade" or "handmade" products have deteriorated. Products like desi ghee, milk, sweets etc. are being contaminated, and buying them online is getting riskier day-by-day.

Here are some of the trusted websites from where you can buy pure A2 cow ghee online and enjoy A2 ghee’s never-ending benefits:

We visit the website or app of this E-commerce giant even when we want good quality pens because we trust Amazon more than the stationary guy next door. Amazon has one of the best handling, packaging, and delivery services which matters the most to any online customer. Especially with A2 cow ghee, it is a necessity to have it all because of the glass jars in which it is stored.

Filter through multiple reviews, ratings, and prices to ensure it fits your needs. The best feature of Amazon is its 100% Purchase Protection, guaranteeing only the original best quality products with secure and reliable payments.

A website dedicated to everything dairy is an excellent place to start if you want good A2 ghee. This E-commerce website was established to save the slowly dwindling economy of gaushalas (cow sheds), save as many cows as possible, and spread the divine knowledge of Gau Mata (Mother cow) to the world. Gaukranti delivers pure A2 cow ghee and other dairy and organic products listed on the website sans delivery charges. With worldwide shipping, there are offers for everyone which reduces your overall expenditure.


An online platform trusted by parents everything from baby food to daycares, it helps one make parenting seem less tedious. They have a combination of natural and organic products, like A2 cow ghee that are beneficial for the entire family, and essential for a soon-to-be-mom or a newborn and toddler child. You can buy any type and brand of ghee from the platform with free shipping for products above Rs. 800 and also chat with health experts who will help you choose the best type of ghee suitable for your family and your lifestyle.


If you live in Mumbai, Scootsy is the most trusted online delivery platform which can deliver you food from restaurants and other products, like ghee, of a variety of brands. Fill your cart with products to your heart's content and you will have it within the hour. You can pre-order for the same day or any other day according to your need on the phone or through their website or app and which are eligible for cash on delivery. The deliver products with the utmost care, quality packaging, and professionalism.

You could also place your order for a jar of pure desi ghee goodness from our shop. Amrutam's A2 cow ghee is hand-churned to perfection using the ancient 'bilona' process which retains the elements of sweetness and contains nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, iron, and calcium. Best of all, it is available online on every website mentioned above.