These are the ways you can eat pure desi ghee

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A spoonful in the morning, a dollop on your rice, If you wish to stay in the pink of health, please take our advice!

For centuries, pure desi cow ghee is known to have a rather magical healing effect on the body. However, there was a time when ghee had taken a backseat and was replaced by several other modern superfoods. But, new age research reiterated many benefits of desi ghee and established its significance all over again.

We are, therefore, aware of how desi cow ghee improves overall health and are keen on consuming ghee on an everyday basis for a healthier version of ourselves. Why else would you be reading this post?

Here are a few ways you can include desi ghee in your daily diet and never miss it in your ‘always on your toes’ lifestyle:

Ghee rich coffee shots

How about making your morning coffee richer, creamier and healthier? Just add half a spoon desi ghee to your everyday coffee or tea for that much need energy boost to kick-start your long days at work. It also helps with morning blues. You can see the recipe here.

On your breakfast bites

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence adding a spoonful of desi ghee to it will only make it better. If you are a toast-butter or bun-maska person, replace the artificial butter with one teaspoon of hand-churned desi cow ghee. You can also add a small amount of ghee to your cereal or oatmeal bowl, drop a dollop on hot paratha or spread a spoonful on your dosa and idli. The vitamins, antioxidants and other essential nutrients in the ghee will make your first meal of the day healthier and will keep you active through the clock.

Gheeyukta smoothie

With sharp deadlines and urgent meetings, we tend to skip the traditional breakfasts and lunches that we are ideally supposed to have and opt for something on the go and quick, smoothies being the recent favourite. These power-packed smoothies can get you, fitter, if you add one tablespoon ghee to it. The vitamins in desi ghee will add to the fruit and vegetable nutrients and will provide your body just enough calories required to stay energised and alert.

Ghee to cook and stir-fry

Substituting refined vegetable oil with desi cow ghee for stir-fry vegetable is the wisest decision of the millennium. Ghee has a high smoke point unlike oil because of which it does not break down into free radicals and is safer than oil for everyday cooking. You can also replace butter with A2 cow ghee to stir-fry your veggies. One teaspoon of ghee does no harm at all and it’s perfectly good even for people who are on a strict diet.

Baking it the ghee way

Instead of using vegetable oil, you can use shudh desi ghee to bake cookies, cakes or brownies. As with nutrition, ghee will also add a rich, nutty flavour to your bakes.

Soup and stew with ghee

As against oil, butter or cream, ghee is always a better choice to garnish your curries, soups and sauces. It is lower in calories, richer in nutrients and compliments every kind of preparation. Next time, when you are setting up a barbeque, brush your paneer with ghee and grill up for the best of what you have ever had.

Say good night with a spoonful of ghee

Yearning for sound sleep? That’s where nani’s nuskha of ghee with hot milk comes handy. Right before you hit the bed, mix one teaspoon of ghee in hot milk, add a pinch of turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom, add honey and relish it for a relaxing night sleep.

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