The healthier Bullet Coffee with pure desi a2 cow ghee

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Coffee is the fuel that gets the motor running for the day for millions of people. Over time, that steaming cup of coffee has altered its avatar in many ways. This is true especially for Starbucks and other such beverage conglomerates. However, recently, the regular coffee-cream-sugar amalgamation has changed for the sake of health. The newest health combination now includes a2 cow ghee.

The concept of Bullet Coffee

‘Bullet coffee’ or ‘Bulletproof coffee’ is the buzzword these days for the health- and fitness-conscious. Originally drafted by Dave Asprey, the creator of the Bulletproof Diet, it was devised to replace breakfast owing to its high-calorie content. It is known to trigger and accelerate fat burn and increase brain function. Frothy bullet coffee is not only a way to kickstart your morning but also a great alternative to add to your health-filled diet.

This beverage is particularly popular in the keto diet which has its basis in replacing carbohydrates as a source of energy with fat. Being a fat-filled regimen, bullet coffee is rich in saturated fats contributed by its ingredients, MCT coconut oil, and butter. MCT oil constitutes medium-length chain triglyceride fats, which are easily broken down by the body.

A research study conducted in 2015 found that MCTs work well for weight loss over long-chain fats which is a constituent of other fats and oils. However, the study concludes that further research is required to determine the right intake to maintain a healthy body weight.

Butter and Bullet Coffee: healthy or damaging?

While it may seem like the elixir for weight loss, but with the addition of butter, the health repercussions are often ignored. Bullet Coffee is a healthy drink that should contain a lot of good fat and here’s why adding butter to it may be defeating its purpose as something ‘healthy’.

  • Nutrient Deficient: Bullet coffee fails to fulfil the body’s nutrition requirements with its constituents. A sumptuous breakfast would normally include fruit, milk, cereals and more that contains a range of nutrients. With bullet coffee, the body will grow deficient of such important elements which will prove harmful in the long-run.

  • High Cholesterol: Inorganic butter is filled with pesticides, hormones, and GMOs, etc. which is the perfect blend for triggering a disease. However, adding two spoons of organic butter does not necessarily prescribe to be highly nutritious. According to the USDA, two spoons of butter contains around 14gms of fatty acids, which is higher than the AHA-prescribed intake of 13gms of fat per day. Consuming such large amounts of fat can spike high cholesterol levels.

A2 cow ghee: the good fat alternative

The benefits of pure ghee for health are no surprise. It is ‘healthy fat’ in its true sense. Additionally, pure A2 cow ghee enhances the taste of the beverage. It helps you improve your everyday cognitive performance and optimizes your bodily functions as well.

In the run-race of life and dieting, people often ignore the necessity of bodily strength. Bullet coffee is an amalgam of strength and brainpower. It is preferable to use A2 cow ghee over butter in the bullet coffee to gain all the desi ghee benefits.

The brilliant idea of having a bullet coffee every morning can be more beneficial with the addition of A2 cow ghee. This will create a power-packed coffee that can even replace your meal. A2 cow ghee can indulge your body’s nutrients requirements, where its usages are meritorious.

Bullet Coffee with pure desi cow ghee

Follow the recipe below for a healthy intake of good fats that help in achieving your body goals:

  • A cup of boiling water

  • Two teaspoons of Coffee powder

  • A pinch of Cinnamon powder

  • One teaspoon of Coconut oil

  • One teaspoon of A2 cow ghee

Add all of the above ingredients in a blender and blend for around 10 seconds. Pour it in your favourite cup and enjoy your creamy, delectable and frothy Bullet Coffee!


A2 cow ghee benefits in bullet coffee

Upgrade your coffee with the benefits of a2 cow ghee for ultimate milkshake-like consistency and supercharge your body. The health benefits of ghee have been known since Vedic times, where even elders always prefer to add Desi Ghee in our meals. Ghee food recipes are the treasure of health and this is the time to adopt it in the form of Bullet Coffee. Its benefits are listed below:

  • A teaspoon of A2 cow ghee contains around 7-12 gms of saturated fats, which is well within the AHA-recommended level of consumption of fats

  • Adds amazing flavor and texture to the coffee

  • Plays a significant role in maintaining healthy cholesterol level and balancing hormones

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids with Vitamin A that is again beneficial for health.

  • Its high heating point prevents from producing free radicals that damage cell function

A2 cow ghee is an ultimate example of health and diet. You may refer to it as a fusion of tradition and trends by adding A2 cow ghee for a healthier bullet coffee. It is further imperative to ensure that the ghee is 100% pure and free of any adulterants. Amrutam a2 cow ghee is free from machine and chemicals, making it the complete package of health and taste in a jar. Order your jar of pure desi cow ghee today!