Regular Ghee consumption can enhance your health, here is how

Amrutam India के द्वारा

One of the healthiest forms of fat, pure A2 ghee is the solution we’ve been chasing to resolve all our health woes. Whether it’s the hair, skin, or immunity that needs improvement, ghee contains a melange of indisputable nutrition facts that can work wonders for our health, as well as appearance.

India is home to the ancient secrets of Ayurveda and desi ghee is an integral part of the same. Working on the principle of natural and pure consumption of food, Ayurveda endorses the use of A2 cow ghee in our lifestyle. With its reservoir of nutrients and enhancing properties, desi ghee is definitely a product worth considering.

Ghee and hair

In this pollution-filled world where humidity is synonymous with frizzy hair, it desperately calls for nourishment in some form. Luckily, you don’t have to look farther than our kitchens.

1. Provides conditioning Armed with fatty acids and antioxidants, A2 ghee provides the roots with some much-needed conditioning and care. Its natural properties easily allow absorption, similar to a store-bought conditioner. However, ghee has the added advantage of providing deep conditioning without any chemicals.

2. Hydrates hair Your dry, dull, and damaged hair is due to a lack of moisturizer which can be curbed by using pure desi ghee. The oily texture of ghee helps rejuvenate your hair and bring it back to that former shiny and luscious glory.

3. Promotes growth Inadequate blood circulation is one of the major causes of stunted hair growth. A gentle massage with lukewarm ghee gives a boost to the blood circulation which only helps the hair to grow but also makes them thicker. Moreover, the presence of Omega-3 and Omega-9 helps nourish our scalp and hair.

4. Fights split ends Dry and coarse hair often results in split ends leading to crude hair that ultimately stops growth. A little application of warm ghee will soothe the locks, reduce dryness, and ultimately get rid of split ends.

Caring for your hair need not be as complicated as planning an insurgency strike. Some of the most influential things in life are also the simplest. Here’s a way you can take all the goodness of A2 ghee without the hassle.

  • Take two spoons of Amrutam Gir cow ghee and mix it well with one spoon of regular hair oil. Warm this blend a little.

  • Massage your scalp and hair with gentle pressure for 10-15 minutes.

  • Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for half-an-hour.

  • Wash your hair after 30 minutes of natural deep conditioning.

Ghee and skin

The smallest skin issue has a plethora of products promising to get rid of it. In this deluge of skin creams, toners, mists, and lotions, it’s easy to get confused and give up trying. Why not try a home remedy? Pure A2 ghee covers a range of issues in the most natural way.

1. Hydrates dry skin Pure ghee has good fats and fatty acids which induce moisture in the skin cells and hydrate them. Warm a little bit of A2 ghee and mix it well with water to soothe the blend. Apply the paste on your face and body and wash it after 15-20 minutes. You will be able to feel the softness from the very first application.

2. Brightens the shade A2 ghee naturally purifies the facial skin cells, retains moisture by seeping into the pores, revitalizes dull, cracked skin to give you that dream-like glow. Hence, it’s a worthy consideration to reduce tanning and repair skin. Mix pure ghee with gram flour and raw milk. Apply this paste on your skin and wash it after 15-20 minutes (or after it gets dry).

3. Cures chapped and dark lips Chapped lips are painful experiences, especially in winters. The regular application of ghee nourishes the lips and also lightens them to give it a better color. Take a drop of pure ghee on your fingertip and apply it gently on your lips. Leave it overnight for better results.

4. Prevents dark circles If you are fed-up with regular under-eye creams and serums, strive for some worthy natural resources. Apply ghee on your eyelids as well as under the eyes and leave it overnight. Desi ghee is the best home remedy for facial scars, burn wounds, black spots, and dark circles because it promotes rapid healing, prevents scar formation, and lightens dark spots.

5. Slows skin aging Aging is an inevitable course of life but ghee can help delay it. Its bundle of nutrients nourish your skin and give it a healthy glow. All you need is to have a regular massage with A2 cow ghee.

Pure A2 ghee is your local skincare expert. Use this home-remedy to relish all the benefits of desi ghee.

  • Mix one tablespoon of desi ghee with one tablespoon of honey.

  • Mix them well and add a few drops of raw milk if needed to make a better paste.

  • Apply the face mask for 15-20 minutes (or overnight for extra dry skin). Wash well.

Ghee and health

Considering how ghee aids our skin and hair, it is no surprise that it assists our health too. The overall health of a person reflects our beauty and ghee provides us with unlimited benefits. Here is how A2 cow ghee can propel the charm and beauty with regular consumption.

1. Tackles inflammations and burns Ghee is widely used to cure burns and inflammations as it repairs damaged skin cells and boosts collagen formation. It treats the swelling in different parts of the body and reduces inflammation on your skin; all you need is to apply it on the affected areas.

2. Relieves cough and cold A prescription that has been advocated since the Vedic times, ghee is the ultimate remedy for cough and colds. Either you should consume desi ghee alone or mix it with holy basil leaves to swallow. Unarguably, it will give you instant relief.

3. Boosts immunity The antioxidants in ghee boost immunity that helps a person live a healthier life. Desi ghee helps in the absorption of nutrients and keeps the immune system strong. It also increases the ability to absorb minerals and vitamins from other foods.

Almost every household in India is well-versed with the magical properties of A2 cow ghee. Gaining international presence, Ayurveda has left its mark on the world. People are gradually understanding the vast benefits of A2 ghee on their health and beauty. With its growing utility being applied in every sector, cow ghee drives home the fact that nature always provides us with the best remedies. You can get your multi-nutritional jar at our shop.