Pure desi cow ghee is semi solid in state, here is why

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There was nothing like a childhood filled with eating homemade ghee smeared on dishes, served with the immense love of our mothers and finished by our never-fulfilled hunger. However, it was a thing of the past. Now, we’re accustomed to ordering everything online due to our hectic lifestyles. Pure desi cow Ghee is one such product.

However, we're usually skeptical about the quality and authenticity of these products due to a bad experience or lack of knowledge thereof. A website claims solid state of their ghee as the purest, others claim the liquid state to be the best in quality. But then, which is the purest? What is the consistency of pure desi cow ghee?

Pure Desi Ghee is Semi Solid in State

While there is no proven scientific test to determine the purity of ghee, here are a few factors that you can look out for to determine why pure ghee is semi-solid, which is an indication in itself.

The quality of milk

The consistency of pure desi ghee greatly depends on the quality of milk, the primary ingredient in ghee. The purest form of desi ghee is either made from regular A2 or Gir cows, which contains the amount of long and short chain saturated fatty acids in perfect balance. An excess amount of long-chain saturated fatty acids, renders the ghee hard, while an excess amount of short-chain saturated fatty acids, makes the ghee a runny liquid. Pure desi cow ghee has the perfect balance of both types of fatty acids, making it semi-solid in its state.

The procedure

The state of a2 cow ghee also depends on the procedure used to obtain ghee from a2 milk. As ghee is obtained by the separation of milk solids, the consistency of the ghee depends on the succession rate of the procedure to separate the milk solids. If the ghee is obtained by heating milk cream on fire, the ghee is likely to retain milk solids and become solid after cooling. If it is obtained through hand churning using the ‘bilona’ process, the succession rate is higher, making the ghee semi-solid.

The Temperature

The consistency of ghee depends on the ambient temperature in which it is stored. Pure desi ghee, made from highest quality cow milk through the ancient ‘bilona’ process stays semi-solid at room temperature. If the ghee is kept in a refrigerator, it will become solid. However, if it kept outside for too long or near higher temperatures or in transit or transported under the harsh heat of the sun, it will melt. In general, pure desi ghee is semi-solid unless it is under pressure of extreme temperatures.

It is perfectly normal for your ghee to be in the semi-solid state when it is delivered to you. It shows that the ghee was freshly made and was not kept in refrigerators to increase their shelf life. You can be sure that it of the purest quality, made from the best quality milk and through the ancient ‘bilona’ process.

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