Pure Desi Cow Ghee Benefits

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Desi cow ghee has been around for quite a while and has been a staple food of India for many decades. But, why is it so? Why do Indians love it so much? What are the benefits of pure desi cow ghee?

Pure ghee, enriched with innumerable health benefits is beneficial for every part of the human body from your eyes to your immune system. And, when you have such a constituent as a part of your daily diet, there's no reason why it should not be a part of your food from now on. Here are some of the benefits of desi cow ghee:

Helps in weight loss as it is Low in Fat: If you have cholesterol problems or want to lose weight, ghee is your new best friend. Ghee is low in fat and calories; hence easier to digest. Research shows that ghee can reduce cholesterol and serum in your stomach. As ghee is rich in saturated fats, a person looking for a source of healthy fats will find shudh desi ghee as their best option.

Aids the digestive system: Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid that is a short-chain fatty acid connected to an immune response that can help in lowering inflammation and improving the digestive system. Moreover, it helps in the stimulation of stomach acid secretion which aids in the digestion of food.

Strengthens the immune system: Ghee has a high number of antioxidants which will help you absorb vitamin and minerals from other foods that you eat. Ghee helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, which boosts our immunity.

Provides essential minerals: Ghee, rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble vitamins play a significant role in the immune system functioning of the heart, brain, and bones. The dietary fats that ghee contains helps your body to absorb vitamins and minerals and use it throughout your body.

No dairy allergies and safe for the lactose intolerant: As ghee is produced from clarified butter, it does not contain the milk solids or other impurities of your regular dairy products. It has a low lactose content. So, a person who is lactose or casein intolerant does not have to worry as ghee will not cause any adverse reactions.

Helps in treatment of burns: Pure ghee is popularly used as a remedy for burn injuries and swells. Inflation caused by the burn can also be reduced by applying it on the affected area. You can apply ghee as a moisturiser for your skin, lips as well as your scalp as well as to treat dark circles by massaging it under your eyes.

Improves eyesight: Ayurveda, swears by ghee and its vision improvement properties. Eating ghee can help you improve eyesight and curb irritation in the eye by applying a bit of ghee under it.

Relieves constipation: In ancient India, as a part of ghee benefits in Ayurveda, ghee enemas were in vogue. Having a glass of milk with a spoon of ghee can ease up constipation.

With so many benefits from one food constituent, no wonder it is now a part of every household that wants to eat healthily. Desi cow ghee is the purest and healthiest form of ghee, and Amrutam Ghee is one to produce such healthy ghee. It is 100% organic and made from the milk specifically of A2 cows with a touch of gold. We use the ancient methods of Vedic ages, that is cooking it through churned 'Valona', and this is how the final product is the creamiest and healthiest desi cow ghee making your favourite dishes tastier with every spoonful.

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