Panchkarma with Ayurvedic A2 cow ghee

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More than a healing apparatus, Ayurveda is a science of living and wellbeing. Focusing on internal and external peace, it advocates rejuvenation and purification of your body and mind. One such way of promoting purity and longevity is through Panchakarma. The Sanskrit word for ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments’, Panchakarma is the process of detoxifying the body and restoring balance.

Currently, the human body is exposed to environmental toxins, diseases, and poor nutrition. Lifestyle choices, dietary patterns, and lack of exercise have resulted in a state of constant imbalance. Panchakarma is the process to effectively remove these waste materials from your body, and restore the doshas - Vata, pitta, and Kapha, to equilibrium.

Ayurveda has always recommended the use of pure A2 ghee or Vedic ghee in Panchakarma in addition to being a dietary supplement. Infused with a combination of herbal oils and massages, the benefits of this process can be intensified further by using hand-churned desi ghee.

Here is how you can rejuvenate yourself using ghee in the treatments of Panchakarma:


It is the initial stage of Panchakarma that includes consuming ghee to internally oleate the body. With its oily and warm texture, ghee is perfect to bring the Vata and Pitta dosha back into balance. It also enhances the absorption and digestion of other nutrients that you ingest. It draws the deep-seated toxins from your blood, bones, muscles, and marrow into the gut to make it ready for removal. Since panchakarma believes in internal and external balance, the consumption of ghee is followed by massaging herbs and oils on your body.


Also known as therapeutic vomiting, this treatment aims to orally remove the Kapha that causes excess mucus in our body. It is recommended for people suffering from asthma, indigestion, and sinus problems. When you induce vomiting, the excessive mucus is removed thereby reducing congestion. This is followed by an intake of ghee that lines the inner walls and boosts digestion. The soothing texture of ghee helps to subdue the burning that can be sensed after vomiting.


It aims at cleansing the lower pathway, specifically the small intestine by administering purgative substances. This therapy purifies the blood toxins, kidney, stomach, liver, and works on removing the vitiated doshas from the body. Consuming a spoonful of ghee in milk is an effective method to smoothen this process. Hand-churned desi ghee is known for its ability to reduce constipation, aid digestion and smoothen the internal functioning of our systems.


In this treatment, gently massage the prescribed herbs and desi cow ghee in your nostrils to eliminate excess mucus from your sinuses. It is very effective for people with chest congestion and sinusitis. The few drops of desi ghee help to soothe the nasal walls and settle the sinuses and its warming property removes congestion.


This component of Panchakarma removes the toxins from our body through the anal route. It is a form of an enema that administers A2 ghee to relieve constipation, kidney stones and backaches. Although it sounds uncomfortable, administering ghee externally helps to remove the Vata dosha from our system. The holistic properties of pure desi ghee encourages clean bowel movements, naturally detoxifies the body, and is also ideal for paralytic and diabetic patients.

In our frantic and restless lives, all of us require a dose of peace and balance. Although highly effective, it’s not always feasible to perform Panchakarma. One thing that Ayurveda has always endorsed, is the consumption of ghee. An all-rounder in every field, pure A2 ghee is an important component in our diet, that keeps our bodies healthy, well-nourished, and also rejuvenated to the highest extent.

If you need a quick respite from your life consider using ghee in your massages and diet. Amrutam’s hand-churned pure A2 ghee can help you with impromptu detoxification that you will not regret. You can purchase a jar of this elixir from our shop!