Keto diet and ghee consumption

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Keto-diet in India has gained popularity as the best way to lose weight and stay healthy in the recent past. Currently, more than one million people search for Keto diet every month. Restaurants and online food ordering apps are selling Keto dishes, too. There is no shortage of success stories of people who lost a tremendous amount of weight by adopting the Keto diet. The diet asks for the consumption of a large amount of fat, a modest amount of proteins, and very limited, if not zero, carbs.

The fats you consume in a Keto diet are actually good fats. The consumption of ghee in this diet works remarkably well to provide you with the good fats and helps you to reach ‘Ketosis’, a state where your body starts to use fat for energy.

Why you should consume ghee during a Keto diet?

Higher Smoke Point

The higher the smoke point, the higher the good fat content. Pure desi ghee has a higher smoke point than butter or regular vegetable oil, so it doesn’t burn as quickly. Butter has a smoking point of 350°F (177°C), but ghee can withstand heat up to 485°F (252°C). It means that you can fry or sauté your food in ghee, without burning the essential fat required in a Keto diet, avoiding the creation of harmful free radicals.

High good fat content

Pure desi ghee contains medium to short chain fatty acids, commonly known as the ‘good fat’ and necessary to reduce the ‘bad cholesterol’ from the body. A tablespoon of pure desi ghee contains as much as 14 grams of fat compared to 12 grams of butter. The medium and short chain fatty acids present in ghee helps in pulling the fat-soluble toxins from the cells and triggers fat metabolism, a process where the body starts to burn its own fat for fuel, boosting weight loss.

Rich in nutrients

Consistently eating carbs lower than 25 grams can create a deficiency of important nutrients our body needs to function. Pure desi ghee contains rare and important nutrients like Omega 3, Vitamins A, E, and K, proteins, calcium, iron etc which renders a successful Keto diet with all the important nutrients to keep the body healthy.

Lactose- and Casein-free

This set of individuals miss out on the healthy fats from dairy products that are a part of the Keto diet. As ghee separates the good fat solids from milk, it a totally lactose- and casein-free, and makes up for a better substitute than oil and butter for a person who wants to use dairy products to consume the healthy fat required in a Keto diet.

Pure desi ghee contains the perfect blend of good fats and other important nutrients, making it the key element in the success of a Keto diet. Our pure desi ghee is made, keeping the numerous modern diets in mind, using the ancient 'bilona' process. Providing all the essential nutrients such as Omega-3, calcium, vitamins, iron, proteins etc, it can become the very reason for you to succeed in your Keto diet. Visit our shop to buy a jar of Keto diet’s best friend, pure desi a2 cow ghee, and begin your health and fitness journey.