Here is how A2 Cow Ghee changed my life

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In a world where the purity of food is pawned for capital gains, people have gradually lost their trust in various brands and their offerings. Over time, pure desi ghee or A2 cow ghee has been a victim of distrust owing to mass-produced ghee with a lack of evidence of purity. Having been aware of this problem, Amrutam Ghee was born. A fellowship built on the strong foundation of promoting purity and healthy living through food, we have been successful in catering to the health of thousands of our consumers across India.

Here’s a story of one of our consumers who found their love for ghee with Amrutam.

On a regular Sunday, my mother scooped a dollop of pure desi ghee and poured it on top of the freshly, homemade Baati. Dal Baati is a family favorite in our house, especially during the winter season. When I was 15, I loved sitting crosslegged, sharing a big thali with all my cousins and getting my hands all dirty. It continues to be an ongoing trend in the family on certain occasions. Our Baatis came laden with ghee and after we crumbled them, another spoon of ghee was poured generously over it.

One fine day, after a heavy lunch, I placed my head on my grandmother’s lap as she read the daily newspaper. I noticed that my father did not have more than a spoonful of ghee, so, I casually asked her, “why is ghee bad for health?”

She said, “he actually loves ghee so much. As a kid, I used to feed him a spoon of ghee each for lunch and dinner. In fact, I bribed him with ghee to make him study!” The thought of my father’s mouth watering over a spoonful of ghee made me laugh.

“Then why doesn’t he have as much now if he loves it so much?”, I questioned.

With a spark of nostalgia in her eyes she said, “Well, the ghee used to be different back then. It wasn’t store-bought, I made it at home using pure cow milk and hand-churned it at home. This retained all of the nutrients. A spoonful of ghee made every dish ten times tastier and healthier too. It was like a magic potion!”

I was confused. “Then, what happened? Why did you stop eating ghee so suddenly?”

She continued, “The big brands came along and started to industrialize the process of ghee-making which soaked away all the nutrients and added new ingredients which aren’t good for health. Even the cow’s milk has degraded because of adulteration. What we get in the market today is adulterated ghee and we cannot make it at home anymore.”

She sighed and said, “I wish we could still get pure desi Ghee. Even I miss having it.”

I was sure things had changed over time because there were people who had access to farm-fresh milk at the gaushalas. However, as we live in the city, going to these farms seemed a little far-fetched. So, I turned to the only place where you get most of the answers today and searched on Google about everything pure desi ghee. It was then that I stumbled across Amrutam after days of research. I was delighted to know that they used the Bilona process to make their ghee but was skeptical about their claim of providing “pure A2 cow ghee.”

So, I ordered their 250 gms jar to test the same. As my grandmother had tasted pure A2 cow ghee, I asked her to check for the same. The aroma of the ghee was an indication of its purity and a taste of the same was a confirmation that it was pure in every way. We were delighted to have found pure desi ghee and happy about its addition in our lives again. It has been a year since we regularly consume Amrutam’s pure desi cow ghee.

– Tejasvini Singh

We love hearing stories from our consumers about how Amrutam Ghee has made their lives better. It is made specifically with the Bilona process and is an absolute treasure for your health. You can purchase your jar of health at our shop.