Ghee vs Butter

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Pure desi ghee, originating from the subcontinent of India has been a significant part of the diet of most Indian households for thousands of years. Its benefits and healing properties have won the hearts of many health conscious and food lovers alike. Today, where butter is so widely used, ghee is gliding its way back into people's kitchens.

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is fat made by heating butter and then separating the resultant milk solids and water. Desi ghee made from the milk of cows is hand-churned and is a healthy form of fat. While it may smell and taste different, there is no compromise with the taste as dishes made in pure desi ghee are delicious and healthy. Also, it is a healthy substitute for your everyday vegetable oil.

If you're a health buff, you are aware of the ketogenic diet. As this diet involves a minimum amount of carbohydrates and a lot of healthy fats and proteins, food rich in ghee is gaining attention. Pure desi ghee is filled with good cholesterol and healthy fats, unlike butter and therefore used extensively in a variety of remedies and diets.

The non-fattening property of ghee has caught the attention of many weight watching youngsters and is used widely in many weight loss regimes similar to the keto diet. Furthermore, it enriches your body with essentials vitamins and minerals. Also, with the rising popularity of organic food, ghee is being purchased in large quantities again. Dieticians and nutritionists too now are recommending to use ghee instead of butter. Ghee has been your grandmother's favourite food for a long time but, now even the young crowd vouches for ghee due to its health benefits.

Pregnant women are suggested to have one spoon of ghee every day with a glass of milk to keep her and the baby healthy. Ghee has been our grandmothers secret for years which is now being released. Although ghee originated in India, it is now being popularised all around the world and has high demand.

The 'first and the most essential of all foods', desi ghee is now being used by all age groups. The old was already aware of its benefits, but millennials today are now using it to stay healthy. It's just a matter of time till ghee wins the battle with butter and is used universally.

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