Does pure desi cow ghee have carbs?

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Despite the fact that desi ghee is extremely nutritious, there are several doubts that still prevail about its safety of consumption and success rate in the process of weight loss. For years now, science has been consistently establishing facts that shout aloud the significance and benefits of desi ghee for overall growth and nourishment.

Apart from this, shudh desi cow ghee has become a favourite recommendation by nutritionists and doctors for those who are trying to fight the calories and get back in shape. The use of ghee for weight loss has however also given rise to several questions that are often asked by intrigued minds before incorporating it in their everyday diet.

Does ghee increase calories? Can it be consumed with those on a carb-free diet? Does ghee have sugar and carbohydrates? Can consuming ghee increase cholesterol and also cause excess protein accumulation?

The answer to all of these questions and the more frequently asked, whether it has carbohydrates or not, is NO.

A2 cow ghee, or hand-churned ghee does not cause increase in calories if consumed in limited proportions (1 to 2 teaspoons per day), is completely devoid of sugar and proteins and also does not consist of carbohydrates. The major constituent of desi ghee is fat.

According to the ideal nutritional value of desi ghee, one tablespoon of desi cow ghee contains around 135 calories, all of which come only from fat. One tablespoon ghee contains approximately 15 gm of total fat and around 9 gm of saturated fat. Ghee hardly contains 45 milligrams of good cholesterol and in fact, helps to reduce the bad cholesterol if consumed regularly and comprises of zero carbohydrates.

The fact that ghee is carb free makes it suitable for those wanting to lose weight and those keen on following a low carb diet. Low carb diet usually focuses on consuming less than 50 gm carbs per day and people on a low carb diet have to eliminate most processed foods as also several fruits from their diet.

But because ghee is carb free, it allows low carb diet practitioners to couple their everyday meals with a spoonful of ghee without getting stressed of putting on weight. This also works well with those on a keto diet which again demands low carb intake.

No carbohydrates in desi ghee makes it the best option for topping up dietary foods like soups, salads, grilled dishes. You might as well stir fry your veggies in just a spoonful of ghee or apply half a spoon ghee in place of salted butter on your multigrain toast. For those on a keto diet with a carb intake of less than five to seven percent, you can consume desi cow ghee without a second thought as the prime requirement of keto diet is to cut down on carbs and instead add good fats.

Be it your twice a day diet, protein diet or keto diet, ghee DOES NOT CONTAIN CARBOHYDRATES and goes with anything and everything and definitely adds to the goodness in YOU! You can purchase your jar of ghee here.