Boost your immunity with A2 cow ghee-filled dishes

Amrutam India के द्वारा

The dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic has rattled the world. During this time, it is imperative to take all the possible precautionary measures like washing your hands and eating healthily which are the essential habits imbibed since childhood. However, owing to the pace of busy modern lives, people have forgotten these small things, and it has come back to haunt the world. This time has been further crucial in emphasizing candidly that ‘Health is wealth.’

How does immunity work?

Foreign bodies like viruses, fungi, and bacteria are harmful to your body, are termed as ‘antigens’. The immune system detects the antigens and releases antibodies. These antibodies are like soldiers in your body who try to fight and eliminate these antigens and subsequently, the disease. By following a healthy diet, you can make these little soldiers more strong and well equipped.

Eat to build your immunity

Along with maintaining social distancing and washing your hands, you need to strengthen your immunity to fight this or rather any health condition which is the product of a proper, nutritious diet. A good diet will become your superpower against all diseases. After all, it was eating the wrong thing that led the virus inside the body of patient-zero in Wuhan in the first place.

A2 cow ghee an elixir for immunity

A2 Cow Ghee is your immune system’s best friend. It is the purest form of ghee and a natural immunity booster Made from the milk of the best desi A2 cows and hand-churned using the ancient bilona process, even the ancient Vedas praise its health-accelerating properties. A2 cow ghee has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness which helps maintain alkaline conditions in the body that makes it difficult for diseases to thrive. A2 cow ghee also has various Vitamins which aid the digestive system in absorbing maximum nutrients.

How can you include A2 cow ghee in your diet?

As A2 cow ghee is not only nutritious but also delicious, it definitely will add a little zest and the right amount of taste to any dish. Here are some yummy and easy-to-make dishes with A2 cow ghee that will help you boost your immunity:

1. Golden Milk

Golden milk is a warm healing beverage, also known as turmeric tea. Milk is a storehouse of various nutrients, and when combined with A2 cow ghee, it provides multiple health benefits. Golden milk is not only nutritious but incredibly soothing to the throat. There’s no better time than now to pour a few glasses for you and your loved ones and toast to better immunity.

2. Khichdi with an ayurvedic twist

Khichdi is everyone's go-to food. When it is being cooked in the house, the aroma itself makes the taste buds dance. With A2 cow ghee, super tasty khichdi will have a super healthy twist. Try out this recipe to savor the perfect blend of taste and health with pure desi ghee.

3. Gud Raab

This traditional dish made quite often in Rajasthani and Gujarati households. Its primary ingredients include bajra, jaggery, and pure A2 Cow Ghee. This traditionally rich dish, if eaten as a dessert, will spread a smile of happiness on your face and the nutrients in the ghee will fight the toxins and antigens in your body. Today, when you are limited to your houses and getting only essential ingredients, Gud Raab with its basic requirements and easy process will prove to be a great sweet dish.

4. Tridoshic Veggie Soup

This dish is easy to make with the most common veggies and spices that are always present in your kitchen. Nutritionally, with vegetables being a rich source of vitamins, iron, calcium, and A2 cow ghee being a rich source of nutrients, Tridoshic veggie soup will help boost immunity. You can share this soothing bowl of soup with your family when you are all snuggled up, sharing old stories.

5. Ayurvedic Kadha

Kadha is the Dadiji’s solution to everything. It is the Ayurvedic elixir filled with herbs and spices that fight cold, flu, and infections. Kadha, A mixture of all desi spices and a bowl full of love yields an all-natural, healthy drink that can keep sickness and the doctor away. The secret ingredient in this recipe of ayurvedic goodness is pure A2 Cow Ghee.

Healthy food, healthy habits, patience and hope, will guide you towards the end of this dark tunnel. Humanity definitely will overpower this pandemic and come out victorious. Until then, Amrutam Ghee urges you to stay safe and healthy and have faith. You can purchase your immunity booster in our shop here.