Know the benefits of cooking food in A2 cow ghee

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Long before ghee started trending as a healthy substitute to butter, it was widely used in most Indian households. Armed with nutrients and a distinct flavor that leaves you wanting more, A2 ghee can lead you towards a more robust lifestyle. The nutritional properties that are known to Indians for ages have started gaining recognition worldwide.

Science has also backed up what the ancient Vedas and Ayurvedic Shastras have been proclaiming since ages: cooking food in bilona ghee provides us with a plethora of benefits.

6 Health Benefits of cooking you meals in A2 cow ghee 

1. Pure A2 ghee is all-natural

    It does not contain any trans fats, additives, or preservatives, making it ideal for consumption for every person in the house. It has a long shelf life. Even without refrigeration, ghee remains fresh and ready to use for months together.

    2. High smoke point

      One can effectively cook food in ghee without it breaking into free radicals and destroying the nutritional elements of the dish. Ghee has a smoke point of 450 degrees F that is higher than most vegetable oils and butter.

      3. Full of CLA

        CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an element of ghee that has links to cancer prevention. It is also known to boost immunity and trigger weight loss. CLA also helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases as it shrinks the size of fat cells, reduces its deposition and clogging in arteries, and ultimately assists in weight loss.

        4. A great alternative for the lactose intolerant

          Since ghee is made from extracting elements from milk through the bilona process, it actually contains a drastically less amount of it. The absence of any milk solids makes it completely lactose and casein free. Hence, it's a better substitute for lactose-intolerant individuals to consume a dairy product and incorporate a source of good fats in their diet.

          5. Contains Butyric acid and Omega fatty acids

            The butyric acid in A2 cow ghee helps to strengthen the inner gut lining of your intestines, which aids in digestion and soothing inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, which aren’t naturally synthesized by the human body, enhance the immune system, and boosts heart health.

            6. Excellent source of energy and good fats

              It provides expectant mothers and newborn babies with the nourishment and vitality required. A spoonful of ghee contains as much as 14g of good fats within the AHA recommended level of consumption. In moderate quantities, these saturated fats can increase the good cholesterol in our body and reduce bad cholesterol.

              Popular dishes with A2 cow ghee

              1. Beans on toast

              Cook your beans as you always do, but replace the butter on the toast with ghee, and voila! You now have a healthier alternative with enhanced flavor to your everyday breakfast by choosing pure A2 cow ghee.

              2. Choco-chip Cookies

              Surprised? Don’t be. All you need to do to make delicious cooking sans the fatty components of generic butter is replace it with ghee while mixing your batter. The taste remains the same but you will be eating the healthiest cookies ever! (That is if you don't go overboard with the chocolate).

              3. Sooji Halwa

              A simple thought of this dish is bound to make you feel like you’ve added a few pounds to your weight! However, by incorporating ghee in limited proportions to this dish, you can be assured that your tasty halwa is served with a dash of nutrition.

              4. Laccha Parathas

              Who doesn’t love the taste of smooth and buttery parathas and naan bread? By replacing butter with ghee, you can enjoy the same parathas in a healthier way. Adding a thin layer of ghee to your paratha is going to enrich it not just in terms of taste, but nutrition too.

                With its warm golden texture and nutty savor, desi cow ghee transforms the experience of any meal. It is a healthier substitute for oil in your salads and is a perfect companion for your diets. The Paleo diet, Whole30 Program, Bullet Coffee, and even the Keto diet can be enhanced with ghee consumption. It inherently helps your body lose weight and also makes every meal delectable.

                Ghee has been given a lot of titles, right from "Jar of health," to "Elixir of life," and everything in between. Here, we refer to it as Amrutam. Hand-churned with love through the bilona process and sealed with consideration, Amrutam ghee will provide the impetus you need to reach a healthier lifestyle. Visit our shop and experience the benefits of consuming healthy A2 cow ghee!