Benefits of A2 cow ghee for mothers and babies

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Postpartum, a woman’s entire system goes for a toss. It’s a roller coaster ride, especially for the first time mothers; what follows is the welcomed as well as un-welcomed advice. One of my mother's advice that I stuck by throughout is the consumption of desi cow ghee. I recently took upon the sweet challenges motherhood poses, being a breastfeeding mother I could easily pass on the benefits of desi cow ghee to my baby. Here I am sharing my experience with you regarding the benefits of ghee for mothers and little ones.

Aids Digestion

I had a normal delivery, and I was supposed to be discharged that day at 2 pm, but then came in the twist as I was told that I wouldn't be discharged until I get a good bowel movement. That's the time my savior ghee came in handy; desi cow ghee with warm milk aided my digestion. Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid which lowers inflammation and helps improve the much stressed postpartum digestive system. Ghee assists in the stimulation of secretion of stomach acids which facilitate proper digestion. Consumption of desi cow ghee is beneficial for mother's recuperating body as well the newly developing system of the baby. I fed ghee in limited quantities to my little one post six months.

High in calcium and boosts immunity

A woman's body loses a substantial amount of calcium during pregnancy. We need to be fed with calcium in considerable measures. Desi cow ghee being a rich source of calcium does the needful. I felt weak and a lot of postpartum pains and aches. I read that if not taken care of at this point, the aches and pains gradually grow as the body remains weak. So, I made it a routine to include desi cow ghee in my diet along with the prescribed calcium supplements.

Babies also need a lot of calcium as they go through significant growth spurts, I made sure it was a part of her meals. Desi cow ghee also has a high content of antioxidants, it boosts immunity and makes the body stronger, hence protecting both mother and baby against diseases.

Useful in Massage

Everything needs regular repair and maintenance to function well; the greasing and oiling keep all parts in good shape. Same is the function of ghee for a mother's as well as baby's body, its the lubricant that seeps in the skin to nourish the body. My body was totally out of shape and lost its rhythm post delivery; I chose to use warm desi cow ghee as mine and baby's maalish (massage) companion. What you choose to get your massage done with is very crucial at this point. I recommend desi cow ghee because I've witnessed the positive effects and wish the same for you.

Rich source of Vitamins

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins, they are found in desi cow ghee. They play an important role in the immune system and the functioning of the heart, brain, and bones. These vitamins are essential for the baby as well as a mother. I prefer the desi nuskhe (traditional country remedies) over medicines, and I could do away with multivitamin tablets by including ghee in meals.

Free of impurities

Pure is an automatic prefix for desi cow ghee as its free of any impurity. It makes for the best medium to cook for the new mother and the newborn. They need unadulterated love and care; ghee provides the same in ample amount. All the laddoos and desi remedies during 40 days post delivery are made with ghee as the base, and I followed the traditional jaapa (mantra) to the T. It helped me enjoy this wonderful phase without any major glitches.

Improves mental health

Mental health undergoes a lot of changes postpartum due to massive hormonal changes. Depression and mood swings being the common issue these days affect almost all mothers in some way or other. Ghee, as the superfood, has a positive effect on mental as well as physical health. The Vedic preparation process helps it generate a positive aura which counters the negativity to create a harmonious environment apt for baby and mother.

Heals rashes and other skin problems

A baby's skin is ultra soft hence prone to rashes. It needs intensive care. Rashes need to be addressed immediately to relieve the baby of discomfort. As soon as my baby turned a week old, I started using diapers, though I used the premium ones still they left rashes, I applied desi cow ghee on and around the rashes, and soon they vanished. Thanks to ghee my daughter's skin was saved from the chemicals from over-the-counter creams and that infectious smile continued to enchant me.

Ghee is a boon for mothers as well as babies. Use only pure desi A2 cow ghee to gain maximum benefits. I added Amrutam A2 cow ghee derived from A2 cow milk to almost everything I consumed and to the baby food post six months. You and your baby deserve the best available food, and I chose Amrutam as the Amrutam family leaves no stone unturned to make pure ghee available to the masses. Earlier on, ghee was genuine, but as time passed, the commercial era took over, and adulteration happened. Finding pure ghee in an urban setup is a tedious task; Amrutamis where this search ends. Go ahead order your share of this golden elixir here.