Amrut Ghee is now Amrutam Ghee

Amrutam India के द्वारा

Amrut Ghee, the sweet nectar of health and goodness, has been subject to a name change. However, this does not compromise the quality of ghee that is now being delivered to your doorstep in any way.

This is a change for the better. We’re sure that Amrut is a perfect name for the nutritional powers present in our A2 cow ghee. Then, why is the name being changed?

  1. Because we are believers in Numerology and someone told us to do it? No.

  2. Because it surfaced in our dreams and someone pointed us that Amrutam will work better for us? No.

  3. Because we wanted to have extra letters in our name, as we are greedy? Far from the truth.

  4. We just wanted to change it and there’s nothing else to talk about? Nope.

  5. Because it is the upgrade that will take us to the moon and back? Nada.

The real reason, and why we’re blessed with Amrutam, is because it is our registered trademark now, and we love it. You should, too.

Much like our pet names like Chiku, Bablu, Guddu, etc., if you will call us Amrut once in a while out of love and habit, we don’t mind. It takes time to accept change, but we’re all over it.

However, when we have to talk about the official name, we are Amrutam – a spiritual food! We are also changing our name from "Amrut" to "Amrutam India" on Facebook, Instagram and other social media handles.

We hope you continue to enjoy the health benefits of A2 cow ghee, and thank you for being on our journey of spreading health and happiness through good food and purity. To purchase a new jar of Amrutam, visit our shop.