A2 cow ghee: The ultimate Satvik food to boost your immunity

Amrutam India के द्वारा

दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं कज्जलं च प्रसूयते | यदन्नं भक्षयेन्नित्यं जायते तादृशी प्रजा ||

A lamp consumes darkness and produces [black] soot,

What food [one] eats daily, so will [one] produce.

This ancient verse is an epitome of “we are what we eat.”

The Vedas and Upanishads are prime examples of the ocean of knowledge that the Rishis acquired. They were pioneers on leading an ideal life abundant with intellect, purpose, mindfulness, excellent health and longevity. The Vedas also placed pure desi cow ghee at the center of Vedic life and call it as pure Satvic food. Today, A2 cow ghee is the modern form of this Vedic blessing.

Ghee: the ultimate immunity booster

According to the Vedas, A2 cow ghee enhances Ojas, which is the underlying essence of immunity. It boosts energy and keeps you active throughout the day to carry Satvik actions. Vedas also prescribe the consumption of A2 cow ghee in the Winter to keep the body warm internally.

Essentially, A2 cow ghee is your immune system’s best friend. A2 cow ghee has antioxidants that help fight the toxins and other harmful bodies like viruses and bacterias which enter your body. Vitamins in A2 cow ghee aid in maximum absorption of all the nutrients into your system which also gives power to the immunity system.

The importance of Satva

The Vedic life is incomplete without the Satvik way of living. Satva embodies the principle of creation. It is filled with enlightenment, inner peace, and positivity. This includes having a Satvik mind, Satvik intentions, Satvik actions and of course, a Satvik diet.

What is Satvik food?

The ancient scriptures give due importance to the consumption of Satvik food for the good health of mind and body and long life. It is the food of the Devas (Gods) which is pure, natural, energetic, vital and clean. Consumption of only Satvik food was considered ideal in the Vedic times. It is good for the skin and blood and keeps the immunity strong enough to combat an array of diseases.

Ghee: the most Satvik of them all

Milk is held in high regard in the Satvik diet and often compared to the goodness of a mother’s milk. The ancient scriptures describe it as ‘Ayur Ghritam' (ghee is life). A2 cow ghee, being the essence of milk, is the central item of the Satvik diet and purest of them all. Some verses in the Vedas compare ghee directly to God. Ghee made only from the milk of desi cow by the natural Bilona process is pure, Satvik and fit for consumption. The additional benefits of this Satvik food constituent include the following:

1. Ghee for a Satvik Mind:

The Rishis say that consumption of ghee will help increase Dhi (intellect), purifies the Buddhi (intelligence and thoughts) and enhances the Smriti (memory). It keeps the mind calm and free from turmoil. Massaging the head with pure A2 cow ghee or drinking it with milk everyday exercises the brain tissues and mind calm.

2. Ghee for digestion:

The Satvik diet says that Ghee helps keep the organs soft and enhances their power to sustain longer. It soothes the ‘Agni’ of the stomach (helps cure acidity). It is known to increase the Rasas, i.e. the digestive juices and cleanse the intestine leading to good bowel movement. It is the elimination of Tamas (toxic substances) from the body.

3. Satvik ghee for skin and healing:

Pure ghee is the central tool of the ‘Abhyanga’ concept, which is the Vedic parallel of a new skin routine. It penetrates the skin and reaches the tissues, healing and soothing them, making them more durable. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin making it healthy and glowing. Ayurveda praises ghee for its healing powers. Applying ghee on rashes, burns and chapped lips is an age-old, tried and tested remedy.

4. Ghee for Vedic rituals:

Ancient scriptures say that the qualities of A2 cow ghee are such that consuming it purifies, nourishes, and cleanses the aura. This is why the Rishis poured it in ‘Yagya Agni’ the holy fire during rituals. Even today, the use of Ghee in Yagyas, Poojas, burning of Diyas and lamps is prevalent in India.

The Vedic way of churning ghee:

It is essential that the Satvik ghee that you consume is made the Vedic way. The ancient Vedic bilona process of turning milk to pure ghee, developed by our ancestors. The desi A2 cow milk is hand-churned with traditional wooden tools and the cream is heated slowly and carefully to produce the purest A2 bilona ghee.

Final words

Today, we live in a world where food is contaminated by pollution and chemicals. Most of the food we get is unhealthy and very harmful. A way of avoiding and escaping this is to go back to our roots and follow the Satvik diet rich in A2 cow ghee prescribed by Vedas.

At Amrutam, it is our dream to provide everyone with the purest, most Satvik ghee to keep alive the wisdom shared by our ancient scriptures and to pay homage to the efforts of our ancestors. Amrutam A2 ghee is made only from A2 milk of the desi cows. These cows are fed and bred with great love and care. It is hand-churned and processed using the ancient bilona process and packaged to perfection for you. You can start your Satvik diet regime right now by getting the purest Satvik ghee at our shop.