A2 cow ghee for immunity through the ages

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The human body is a temple that carries you through your entire life. It is imperative to keep this temple healthy and secure for a peaceful living. Immunity is the central pillar, more like the foundation of your body, without which the temple will collapse. Pure A2 cow ghee plays an essential role in strengthening and nourishing this pillar of immunity.

The Importance of Immunity

Amid widespread diseases and fatal pandemics, the only way to combat them and live longer is by boosting your immunity. Viruses, bacteria, and other such particles that harm the body are called antigens. The immune system, like the police, sends antibodies to fight and kill these antigens to prevent you from succumbing to the disease. Hence, you must keep the immune system healthy at all times by consuming food like A2 cow ghee.

Ghee as a first food for babies

Ancient Indian scriptures endorse ghee for babies owing to its purity and nutritious properties. It is further considered as safe as the mother's milk. Some studies further suggest that pure ghee should be given to the baby within the first few hours of their birth. A2 cow ghee is healthy, tasty, and filled with good fats and vitamins which makes it easy to digest for infants. Ghee strengthens the immunity of your child from birth and keeps illnesses at bay.

The miraculous advantages of pure ghee include:

  • It strengthens bones, muscles, the intestine, and other organs for better growth.

  • It develops and improves the digestive system.

  • Massaging children with ghee is beneficial for proper growth and strength.

  • Ghee also helps build mental strength to absorb all values and knowledge.

Since a child’s diet should be filled with simple and less complex food, they can be given ghee in dal rice, with milk, a spoonful on parathas or rotis, and a tiny amount with laddoo or halwa.

Ghee for the youth

The youth is the peak time in life where you are stepping out in the world, going to places, sleeping less, and hustling more. Therefore, good immunity becomes paramount to avoid sickness and steady performance. Including A2 cow ghee in your bowl of cornflakes, eating ghee-rich laddoos, pouring it on tasty parathas will not only increase immunity but also fight pimples and other skin problems that come with youth.

Ghee during adulthood

The 30s decade and beyond is when you are the center of the workforce with immense work stress and many other responsibilities. Such a hectic lifestyle can cause your immunity to go for a toss with erratic work schedules and other habits. Pouring A2 cow ghee in your salads adds a little zest to an otherwise boring bowl of greens or just a spoonful in your soup will enhance its taste. It is in the middle ages that the body starts to wear down, but it is also when you need it to be at your best. Consumption of A2 cow ghee will give your immune system the much-needed support during this time:

  • It provides energy and keeps acidity at bay.

  • It is also a promoter of mental health.

  • A little champi with ghee will help reduce stress and anxiety and keep your mind calm and fresh.

Old by age only

If you continue to consume A2 cow ghee throughout your life, by the time you turn 60, your age will only be a number. Senior citizens are most prone to diseases because the immune system starts to deteriorate by then. Diabetes is one of the significant issues which also takes a toll on the immune system.

The qualities of A2 cow ghee have proven to be a great immunity booster for aged people and helps in controlling diabetes. It will also help strengthen the bones and muscles which will keep you away from the 'walking stick' for support. While eating complex food and mithai can be harmful to them, they can easily consume A2 cow ghee in the traditional Ayurvedic Kadha or by adding a spoonful in a glass of milk before sleeping.


However, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. One must take care of consuming ghee in moderation for reaping all its goodness. Ghee is an ayurvedic elixir for a long, healthy life and we don't drink an elixir by the gallon; a little is enough.

Consuming A2 cow ghee to prevent Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it clearer that a strong immune system is vital. It is high time to embark on a journey towards good health and immunity for a disease-free life. Amrutam A2 ghee is the best companion you can get on this journey. Get your own jar of Amrutam ghee, your secret to super immunity, from our shop.