6 reasons why you should try Amrutam ghee

Amrutam India के द्वारा

Desi cow ghee has garnered much attention in the recent years, causing tables to turn and the traditional foods to once again supersede contemporary ones. General awareness and an insightful approach have caused many, including the youth of today, to move towards ancient homemade superfoods for healthier living. One such superfood that is in the forefront now is a2 cow ghee.

Several brands of shudh desi ghee, assuring best quality and care, are now available across the country. But, we, at Amrutam, promise you authenticity, purity, and happiness, in abundance.

Born with the motive of social entrepreneurship, Amrutam desi cow ghee is a product that aims at nourishing the soul, mind and the body alike and enhancing the quality of life. We believe every home needs a jar of Amrutam ghee because we know we serve the best a2 cow ghee you could ever ask for.

Still need convincing?

Here are the six best reasons why you should try Amrutam desi ghee:

We talk originality

Authenticity is our asset. Amrutam's a2 cow ghee is hand-churned desi ghee and nowhere involves the use of machinery or artificial processing. Our ghee is procured only from the best reared Indian breed, A2 cows, and sourced from the interiors of Kutch, Gujarat.

We stick to the ancient and reliable One of the key features of Amrutam desi ghee is the process in which it is churned. We, at Amrutam, practice the ancient ‘Bilona’ process which retains the characteristics of sweetness and preserves all the essential nutrients, thus making it naturally rich, creamy and healthy.

Amrutam ghee is organic

Our desi cow ghee is purely organic, obtained from grass and fodder fed cows and has zero traces of chemicals. It is processed naturally so as to retain its essential vitamins, omega, protein, iron, calcium, and other vital elements. We bet one teaspoon of our ghee would remind you of the good old days when your grandma would churn out fresh ghee. That’s when you would why Amrutam is just right for you.

We pledge ahimsa

Amrutam ghee solemnly pledges the mantra of Ahimsa. Our cows are reared with utmost care and love, just like any other family member and are treated sacred. We make sure that no cow is subjected to any form of harsh chemical treatment for more produce and fed nutrition-rich food adequately.

Affordable is the keyword

Amrutam desi cow ghee is absolutely affordable and goes in tandem with the standard prices of milk and ghee across the country. We are proud to say that Amrutam ghee is explicitly made by Indians and is priced to suit every Indian.

Availability is the key motto

We are always there for you and we promise to provide you care and warmth through our a2 cow ghee. Amrutamdesi ghee has a strong online presence and you can now order a bottle for yourself anywhere across the country through our website.

Scroll through our variety of ghee products in detail. You can also contact us if you have further questions regarding our jar of health. We provide free shipping Pan India and we are also available on Amazon, Scootsy, and Baby Chakra among few others. Again, you need not to worry about the packaging because we have taken care of that as well. We offer glass jar packaging which is leak proof, safe and ideal. Happy ordering!