5 ways A2 cow ghee is Whole30 diet compliant

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Like most things in life, your body needs a break from the constant abuse of unhealthy takeaways, packaged products, instant noodles, fast-food that has become the new norm. While that does make our lives simpler, it does not quite contribute to our health. Those cupcakes that you ate yesterday erupted on your face like pimples, and that takeaway parcel is now causing you acidity. The Whole30 diet program aims to change just that.

Less of a diet and more of a lifestyle, Whole30 encourages you to consume more nutritious options and substitute healthy foods in place of the junk. It’s not your typical diet because you’re not reducing the amount you eat or tracking calories. You’re only eating healthier and avoiding a whole range of unhealthy food items. By eating foods that are natural, not processed, or synthetic, you allow your body to do a complete reset.

One food ingredient that is surprisingly Whole30 compliant is pure A2 cow ghee. Ghee may be fat-based, but avoiding fats was never the goal. Moreover, the benefits of A2 cow ghee make it healthy for any diet.

Foods to avoid in the Whole30 diet

The following list includes many items that should be avoided for the whole 30 days.

  • No sugars (including natural or artificial sweeteners)

  • No dairy

  • No consuming alcohol or smoking

  • Avoid grains, beans, and legumes (i.e, no wheat, rye, barley, oats, quinoa, corn, rice, etc).

  • No soy

  • No processed substances like MSG

  • No fake healthy treats (don’t be fooled by that gluten and sugar-free cookie)

Is there anything left to eat?

While it is very hard to part with your favorite foods, the result is worth it. You can consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, and coffee (without milk).

How does ghee help in the Whole30 program?


Consuming dairy products is strictly avoided in the Whole30 diet, but ghee is an exception. In the preparation process (bilona process), ghee separates from the milk solids rendering it lactose and casein free. Hence, you can add it to your meal to make it wholesome and nourishing. Moreover, the rich, nutty flavor of ghee gives an added texture and dimension to your food, which is incomparable.

Contains good fats

Since you will be avoiding a melange of food products, you need the right nutrition. Consuming good fats is necessary to provide your body with the required strength and immunity. Moreover, pure A2 ghee contains lipoproteins that reduce bad cholesterol. One tablespoon of ghee is enough to provide you with a rich source of good fats for your health.

Contains Omega -3 and -9

These fatty acids are an essential source of nourishment that helps in strengthening the immune system, elevate mood, and also boost heart health. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t synthesize it naturally. A tablespoon of A2 cow ghee contains as much as 45 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids that aid in reducing blood pressure, arrhythmias, as well as inflammation. Whole30 is all about consuming food that enriches our body and boosts its effectiveness. By adding a bit of ghee to your meals, you are further enhancing the results.

Aids weight loss

Although losing weight is not the ultimate goal of following Whole30, it's always nice to fit into those old jeans. Moreover, it further motivates you to follow the regime when you can see some results. Pure ghee contains conjugated Linoleic acid that shrinks the fat cells' size and prevents fat deposition, thereby boosting weight loss. Hence, you're not only improving the quality of your food but also seeing results without following a strict diet.

Health benefits

A2 ghee is your immune system's best friend. Abundant with Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as minerals, ghee is the perfect source for all your vital nutrients. It also aids digestion, improves mental health by elevating moods, and keeps your heart healthy. These ghee benefits will further compound the advantages of following the Whole30 diet, giving you the perfect and nourishing lifestyle.

Everything we eat affects our physical and mental health. We are what we eat, and that's why the Whole30 program is so well-known. It resolves digestive problems, boosts your energy, improves your sleep, and clears your skin. When you supplement these effects by adding a superfood into your diet, you get the best of both worlds.

Made using the ancient Bilona process, Amrutam ghee is hand-churned to provide you with all the nourishment you need. Adding our ghee to your diet may make or break the results of the Whole30 program. Advocated by Ayurvedic texts, A2 ghee can be used in all of your meals. Buy a jar of this health from our shop now and reap its benefits by a hundredfold.