1tsp of ghee has less calories and boosts weight loss

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‘From fat to fit’ is trending on everyone’s wish list and thanks to new age dieticians and the mighty internet, we are loaded with tons of diet plans to go from XL to XS, as they rightly quote. The portion meal diet, the twice-a-day-only diet, GM diet, low GI diet and a hundred alike have drastically changed the yesteryear food philosophies. Age-old therapeutic foods have been replaced by modern-day superfoods and daily intake is no longer about simple balanced meals but calorie calculated portions that do yield results but breed myths and misconceptions about traditional foods.

One such myth that still needs to fully bust is that of desi ghee and the calories in ghee are harmful to those trying to shed extra kilos. As a matter of fact, pure desi cow ghee is one of those ancient superfoods that actually aid weight loss. Most health-conscious people believe in a fat-free diet and say no to desi ghee without realizing that it has the least calories and the healthiest fats that promote weight loss.

One tsp of A2 cow ghee has as low as 46 calories and one tbsp of hand-churned desi cow ghee has around 135 calories that constitutes around 15 g total fat, 9 g saturated fat and 45 milligrams cholesterol; just 15% of the daily recommended value. Also, ghee is free of lactose, sodium, and carbohydrates which further accelerates weight loss and also meets the nutritional needs of the body.

How does desi ghee actually contribute to weight loss?

  • Desi cow ghee is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats, both of which are believed to be useful fats for weight loss. The Omega-6 fats have shown to increase lean body mass by reducing fat mass which accelerates weight loss process.

  • The butyric acid and medium chain triglycerides in ghee help mobilizing rigid body fat and boosts the fat burning process.

  • Desi ghee also increases the good cholesterol (HDL) which improves heart functions and aids losing extra calories.

  • Consumption of one to two teaspoon of A2 cow ghee every morning on an empty stomach reduces accumulation of free radicals in body cells thereby enabling one to shed weight faster.

  • The essential amino acids in ghee help the fat cells to shrink in size.

  • Benefits of cow ghee with hot milk are many, one of them being the prevention of bloating and weight gain. Shudh desi cow ghee improves digestion and prevents constipation, both of which, help achieve healthy weight loss.

Apart from constituting fewer calories, desi ghee has all these factors that help weight loss by not only getting rid of unhealthy fat but by also retaining the necessary fats and minor dietary elements that strengthen the bone and the muscle. Ghee also improves resistance by improving vital body functions which further helps in maintaining healthy body weight.

Still skeptical about the benefits of ghee for weight loss? Keep aside all your doubts and pick a bottle of pure desi cow ghee to go from flab to fab. We have the best and purest form of pure desi cow ghee in Mumbai and across India.