Why Nani’s Home will always be special for you

by Amrutam India

A home where the smell of wellness takes you from door to the aangan, where a glass full of warm milk topped with ghee and nuts welcomes you and you sip it very carefully before burning your tongue, again. The sound of goodness insists you to move to the kitchen, where love churns in a big fat pot, swirling round and round, tossing up and forth to get the fine cream. Quite deja vu right?

The nostalgia of good and healthy times never leaves you alone. The biggest deja vu happens when you visit your ‘’Nani ka ghar’’. Don’t tell me this word doesn’t take you to the times back where eating and getting fat is the only hobby you have and oh-not just that! The longest run has to be the kitchen Oh yes! I forgot a long walk to remember. A walk to the terrace, for the most delicious sweet ever: ladoos. Ahh! The thought itself brings water in my mouth. Stealing those pinnis just so that you get to eat more than your sibling, hiding inside your backpack so that nonone could find it and you will be the only king remaining and rest the beating followed by, after being caught.

The mornings are filled with Chai and paratha and if you’re your Nani’s favourite grandchild, a large scoop of ghee on top. Call up your Nani right away and ask why she does this to you.

Here’s a trick to find out whether she loves you more or not, say no to the ghee in front of her as it makes you fat. Don’t take my name. We don’t know each other at all and by any chance if she doesn’t get furious, a massage would be waiting for you in the aangan. Nothing beats the champi during winter mornings under the bright sun. Slow massage under the sun. Heaven exists and massage is the medium!

Hey Mom, I didn’t forget you okay? Afterall the legacy has been passed from one generation to another. To dal tadkas to mixing it in milk, mothers to rescue. In earlier times, pregnant women used to consume raw scoop of ghee in order to maintain baby’s and mother’s health. Vitamins and iron tablets what? Of Course you can expect royal treatment after your birth too. The ghee massage on the baby’s body will make the bones and joints much stronger than any normal massaging oil.

During the exam times a scoop of ghee, pinch of haldi and a glass of milk is good to go to protect you and your mother from stress, digestion and anxiety. Here’s a quick hack. During the menstrual cycle, ghee, some chopped nuts boiled in the milk relieves period cramps and prepares our body to fight.

Our nanis and dadis cultivated this heritage in their homes and our mothers restored the love and affection so that we feed the purity and goodness. Amrutam serves the same nani ke ghar wali feeling. Don’t believe us? Well you need to try yourself. Visit our shop and experience the benefits of consuming healthy A2 cow ghee!