What is the difference between regular desi ghee and gir ghee?

by Amrutam India

People looking for pure a2 cow ghee goodness have the same question in mind. Pure desi ghee is still ghee irrespective of the type, right? Since ancient times, there has been only one variant of ghee – desi cow ghee. However, with experimentation and research, various types of ghee have emerged.

Ghee is a superfood that boosts healthy living. But, with variants available, it is often difficult to understand the difference between them and which would be the best one for you. A clear choice is necessary among the product ranges available in the market.

At Amrutam, we have two variants of ghee available: desi cow ghee and gir cow ghee. But, what does each contain that makes them so different?

Key differences between desi cow ghee and gir cow ghee

The main difference between both is that desi cow ghee is prepared from the A2 milk of multiple Indian cow breeds, whereas Gir cow ghee is made specifically and explicitly from the milk of Gir cows. Nutritionally, there is a fine line of differentiation, and they are as below:

  • Contributes to better immunity A2 cow ghee is the best food that you can consume to boost your immunity in general. However, the health resilience of Gir cows is passed down in the form of Gir cow ghee, thereby contributing to overall better health.

  • A superior and rare breed The Gir cow breed is a rare breed with only 9,15,000 remaining in India typically found in the Gir Hills and Kathiawar forests. Their milk production capacity of 12-25 liters per day. Furthermore, the distinct vein called Surya Ketu Nadi which absorbs the energy of the sun which is then exhibited in the milk makes it a far more superior breed than the rest.

  • The Shastras believe every type of ghee is the best Ayurveda endorses pure desi ghee for your health and wellbeing. However, the enhanced nutritive properties of gir cow ghee make it further special for consumption and utilization.

  • Physically and mentally stronger The nature of the cow prescribes that they are stronger physically and are predominantly calm and sensitive. These qualities are then reflected in the form of nutrition through the milk and the ghee produced thereafter.

  • Boosts recovery against ailments Pure desi ghee is known for its extraordinary ability to improve the health and well-being of an ailing individual. Ayurveda endorses a spoon of ghee daily for the sole purpose of better health. Gir cow ghee is known to have nutritional values that provide the strength necessary to accelerate recovery.

In the end, it is the bilona process that works its magic. While we continue the hunt for healthier and nutritive food constituents, and pure A2 cow ghee is one of them. Gir cow ghee has established its stance as the enhanced version of pure desi ghee owing to the source - Gir cow milk. To purchase this magical elixir of health, head over to our shop. We promise purity and health.