The Paleo Diet and A2 Cow Ghee

by Amrutam India

To stay fit, and be healthy, many people are adopting various diets and food plans. The Paleo diet has gained momentum because of the wondrous weight loss results by consuming whole, basic food much like the Paleolithic man (caveman). A2 cow ghee fits perfectly in the Paleo diet as it is prepared naturally avoiding modern and adulterated processes. If you are considering adopting the Paleo diet, A2 cow ghee is a must-have.

The Concept of the Paleo Diet

The crux is that food has evolved exponentially in its process and complexity as compared to the human body and its system. Most of the food that you eat today is too advanced to do any good to the body. It harms more than it helps. Hence, you must slow down and go back to eating what the ancestors ate before inventing agriculture, settlements, and processing of food.

The Paleo diet prescribes eating fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meat, fish, plant oils, etc. You must avoid processed foods, dairy products, grains, refined sugar, seed oils and other processed foods in general.

How A2 cow ghee fits in the Paleo diet

No lactose or other dairy problems

In this diet, dairy is considered unhealthy as most dairy products are highly processed. Dairy products contain milk sugars like glucose and proteins like Casein which causes a variety of allergies, heart issues, obesity, high cholesterol, etc. However, because of the bilona process that is used to prepare A2 cow ghee, lactose, casein, or other milk sugars remain absent. Ghee has good fats and other nutrients which help in weight loss and maintaining good health.

Storehouse of nutrients

A2 cow ghee contains good fats and fatty acids. Ghee is a good source of Vitamin A, D, E, and K2. Ghee is also rich in Omega-3 and 9. Ghee also has minerals and other such nutrients. These nutrients make ghee super healthy for your body.

Ghee to replace oil

In the paleo diet, the food needs to be cooked in animal fats like lard, tallow or olive oil, coconut oil, or pure desi ghee. However, the taste of lard or coconut oil does not suit everyone and they have low smoking points. A2 cow Ghee is a healthier replacement for oil. Ghee has a burning point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit and the nutty flavor enhances every dish. Ghee also reduces the risk of heart diseases and high cholesterol.

Numerous health benefits

A2 Cow Ghee, when combined in the Paleo diet, is beneficial to the body in many ways. It cleanses and soothes the digestive tract, strengthens the intestine, and helps avoid acidity. It purifies the blood and keeps the body warm from within. Ghee aids digestion. It is also suitable for mental health. It contains antioxidants and other nutrients which helps build immunity. Ghee is also a great energy booster which keeps you active throughout the day. Ghee has proven to be good for the skin and hair as well.

Add ghee to almost everything!

As there are certain limitations to the ingredients you can use to cook under this diet, there are very few dishes to enjoy. With A2 cow ghee, that aspect will change. Here are some paleo-friendly recipes with ghee:

  1. Salads: Paleo diet limits the dressings you can add to your salads. Ghee can be a great salad dressing. It will add a different zest to the salad.

  2. Fries: While you can eat bananas in moderation in a paleo diet, you can make delicious raw banana fries by frying them in ghee. The ghee-fried fries are super crispy and tasty.

  3. Desserts: Considering that most desserts are either processed or dairy-filled, ghee will solve those problems. A2 Ghee goes excellently with sweet items as well. You can make ladoos, barfis, Gajar halwa, and other ghee-filled desserts.

A2 cow ghee possesses many qualities that can singularly help aid weight loss. Amrutam A2 cow ghee is made from the purest milk of desi A2 cows and is hand-churned using the ancient Bilona method, which is revered in Ayurveda. If you are considering going on a Paleo diet or are already on it, Amrutam ghee will be your best paleo-buddy. You can buy your jar and kickstart your Paleo diet for a good body and good health at our shop.