Immunity booster drink: Prevent coronavirus the natural way

by Amrutam India

As we entered the new year 2020, we hoped for a year that would be better than the last. Three months in the year, a deadly virus called COVID-19 or commonly known as the Coronavirus has affected over 150 countries across the world. The novel virus has gripped people’s lives and even led to a few fatalities. A cure or vaccine for the virus has yet to be created. Until then, there are certain measures that people can take to ensure that they do not contract or spread the disease.

Scientists have worked rigorously to study the nature of the virus. The facts state that individuals with low immunity and with existing or underlying disease are vulnerable to the disease. Therefore, our team at Amrutam has crafted an immunity booster drink that can help you prevent the virus by boosting your immune system. The secret ingredient that enhances the drink’s shielding properties against diseases is pure A2 cow ghee derived from the bilona process.

A2 cow ghee and its Immunity boosting power

Pure ghee has been a staple of Indian households for many centuries. It is primarily due to its Ayurvedic properties and evergreen uses of this food constituent in our daily lives. Packed with antioxidants and filled with vitamins and Omega-3 and -9 makes A2 cow ghee nutritionally superior to any other fat-based food. Furthermore, consuming one spoon of ghee on an empty stomach has diverse benefits to your health.

Immunity boosting drink recipe

1 glass Warm Water

1 teaspoon Amla Powder/Amla Juice

1/4 teaspoon Saunth

5 drops of Tulsi Ark

1 teaspoon Amrutam A2 Cow Ghee

Place all the above ingredients in a glass and mix well. It is best consumed in the morning after waking up.

We would like to stress on the fact that this is not a cure but a preventive measure to keep diseases at bay. During this time, we would also recommend social distancing which would further reduce the chances of contracting the virus.

A2 cow ghee has worked wonders in gradually improving the immune system and this is an all-natural drink with absolutely no side-effects, especially for the lactose and casein intolerant. To purchase your jar of health visit our store. Stay safe, and healthy.