How do I know if the ghee I consume is made from pure A2 milk?

by Amrutam India

A2 cow milk ghee is considered the purest among what you have seen or witnessed as pure ghee. With a perfect blend of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and good fat, it is much needed by a human body to stay healthy and fit. However, the increasing demand for pure A2 cow ghee has raised a number of companies selling adulterated ghee made from low quality homogenised milk (not pure A2 milk) and mixed with animal fat or other such impurities to save on cost and time.

Just as A2 cow ghee helps the body stay healthy, adulterated ghee affects the body in an adverse way. But, how do you know whether it’s made from pure A2 cow milk or not? There’s good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is there is no solid scientific test to conduct on ghee to affirm it’s purity. The good news is that there are a few factors, like the ones mentioned below, that you can look out for as indicators to ensure that the ghee you consume is made from pure A2 milk:

Checking the FSSAI Licence number of the product

If you have purchased A2 cow ghee from a website or shop that claims to have made the ghee made from A2 cow milk, the best thing you can do is to check the FSSAI Licence number of the product online. Go to and enter the FSSAI Licence number mentioned on the product. You can find the basic data about the manufacturer and know if it has been registered and permitted by the FSSAI to produce ghee or any other product. If you can’t find the FSSAI Licence number on the website or if the license has expired, it is quite likely that the ghee you buy would not be of the best quality.

Checking for reactions

If the ghee has been made from pure A2 milk, it will not create any complications or allergies for a person who is casein and lactose intolerant. Pure A2 cow ghee is essentially the good fat that is extracted through the hand-churn process, freeing it from any form of proteins like lactose and casein. If you want to buy pure A2 cow ghee and have a friend who is casein and lactose intolerant, you can ask him/her for recommendations or search online if they have bought ghee before.

Read user reviews

Surfing through user reviews before purchasing ghee from a particular brand is one of the best things you can do to be assured of the quality. As the ghee you buy would have a good or bad effect on your overall health, it is always advisable to indulge in research prior to buying from a website or a brand. You can read customer reviews and FAQs on forums like Quora until you are sure that the ghee is genuine and has been made from A2 cow milk.

Texture and consistency of the ghee

Desi cow ghee made from the milk of A2 cows is semi-solid in consistency. Ghee made from A2 cow milk contains long and short chain saturated fatty acids in perfect quantity. If the ghee is not made from pure A2 milk, it would be either absolutely solid or a runny liquid. Taking all the necessary factors to be genuine, your jar of ghee would be semi-solid in consistency at room temperature.

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