Here’s your DIY Ghee face pack

by Amrutam India

Hand-churned desi cow ghee has been a constant element for enhancing your beauty naturally and to improve and maintain good health. Ayurveda can vouch for it. The past 10 generations of Indian families have been consuming it as a part of their everyday diet and lived healthy lives and possessed beautiful skin. No surprise there, right?

The importance of consuming foods in their utmost purity has grown exponentially.

What is ghee?

It is an element that can boost your health in every way possible because of its main constituent – A2 milk. This milk is explicitly procured from indigenous cow breeds only available in India and boasts many ayurvedic benefits. Pure desi A2 cow ghee is made typically using the hand-churned bilona process which maintains the purity and nutritional value of ghee. This process also ensures that although it is a dairy product, it can be consumed by the lactose and casein intolerant folks.

The reason is during the bilona process, the lactose and casein elements in the milk are eliminated gradually and the end product, A2 ghee, is free of those elements. It is also available in two types: Desi A2 Ghee and Gir Cow Ghee.

Originating from India, ghee is also known as clarified butter (though it isn’t really butter) and proves itself to be a much healthier substitute to your everyday butter and oil. Furthermore, it has proven to be the best food constituent for women during pregnancy and for the baby 6-8 months after birth.

What are the benefits of ghee for face?

Ghee is the elixir to all skin and hair problems. It is known to hydrate dry skin, improve radiance, and reduce dark circles. Furthermore, when applied to your chapped lips and kept overnight, it can bring back that rosy colour to your lips. Ayurveda recommends using ghee for your face, and we’ve got an easy 3-step DIY face pack to enhance that beauty.

DIY Ghee Face Pack


1 tbsp - Amrutam Ghee

Few drops of milk (preferably raw/heavy cream milk)

A pinch of haldi (turmeric powder)

Mix it all up!

  1. In a bowl, mix together all the ingredients.

  2. Apply a layer of this mixture on your face and neck with a brush or with your fingers.

  3. Wash it off after 15 minutes and witness the results!

Try the face pack and feel beautiful

If you’re looking for pure desi cow ghee to use in this face pack, Amrutam Ghee will be a perfect fit. Made from pure A2 cow milk and with the bilona process, this ghee has multiple nutritional benefits and applications. Furthermore, you can now order Amrutam ghee online and have it delivered to you at your doorstep! Head over to our shop page and invest in your health and beauty.