Here’s why you should only consume A2 cow ghee

by Amrutam India

“Our body is a temple we must worship diligently,” is something we have been hearing from our ancestors for centuries, and even some avid yogis. However, it is with the rising health ailments, distracting modern day dietary choices and perplexing nutrition pieces of advice, that we have finally understood its profound meaning which happens to lie in our traditional foods and practices.

Today, we might as well claim that our hunt for the right fuel to lighten this temple of worship has ended with the re-discovery of pure A2 cow ghee, now reiterated as the best super food for longevity. As against refined oils that are now an integral part of every household, A2 cow ghee is a healthier option and is recommended for daily use by several nutrition experts as a substitute for vegetable oil.

There are innumerable benefits of desi ghee and here are a few which prove it’s time to push aside refined oils and consume only A2 cow ghee:

  • Ghee nourishes every single part of your body right from a cell to the largest organ, the skin. One teaspoon of shudh desi ghee rejuvenates and repairs the body cells, streamlines the functions of every organ and nourishes skin, hair and other vital tissues.

  • Ghee improves digestion, relaxes and strengthens the gut, prevents constipation and also aids weight loss by mobilizing body fat and shrinking the fat cells.

  • Desi cow ghee sharpens the brain activities by accelerating the formation of neurotransmitters and keeping the nerve endings active.

  • Unlike refined oils that contain unsaturated fats, ghee contains saturated fats which prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and helps to keep the heart health at its best.

  • A high smoke point of A2 cow ghee makes it the best choice for cooking as compared to vegetable oil. The low smoke point of refined vegetable oils causes the formation of free radicals that cause early degeneration of cells and deterioration of the body. Ghee does not break down into free radicals and ensures safe cooking.

  • Consumption of refined oils might pose a threat to the heart but ghee is loaded with antioxidants, conjugated linoleic acid and major fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, and D, which prevent any onset of cardiovascular diseases and in fact prevent the chances of strokes.

  • Ghee also helps to maintain emotional well-being and assists in maintaining a calm sleep cycle. Refined oils often cause hyperacidity which disturbs the sleep cycle and also causes emotional clutter in the long run. Ghee soothes the mind and the body.

  • Ghee improves flexibility, lubricates the bones and the joints and reduces inflammation to a large extent.

  • Hand-churned desi cow ghee is an excellent source of energy for pregnant women as well as for babies to develop strength and improve resistance.

  • Refined oils used in fast foods are highly prone to breeding carcinogenic elements but desi ghee, on the other hand, has shown to prevent the onset of cancer by decreasing the enzyme activity that activates carcinogens in the liver. It boosts carcinogen detoxification and reduces chances of any cancerous growth.

It’s time to set out on a healthier path and stack A2 cow ghee onto the shelves. There are a variety of online stores available to purchase pure desi cow ghee. You could also visit our online store to purchase your jar of health.