Here are the ways you can consume ghee for weight loss

by Amrutam India

Working really hard to shed those ‘peeping from here and there’ flab that doesn’t let you fit in your favorite dress? Well, all your hard work can yield best results, if for once, you rely on ancient gharelu nuskhas instead of crash diets and opt to go with ghee for weight loss.

Desi cow ghee has been a crucial component of Indian staple meals for years. With its various long-lasting health benefits, it has established its credibility time and again, and has made a strong comeback on store shelves and home cabinets as one of the best natural superfoods that not only lets you stay in the pink of your health but also aids in the most daunting task of losing weight.

With some of its innate properties, shudh desi cow ghee happens to boost the fat burning process while still loading you up with essential nutrients that compliment your exercise regimen too. Unlike other dietary methods that only focus on fat loss, a2 cow ghee will focus on both, fat loss and streamlining your entire digestive system which will ease the process and help you maintain your body weight.

Having said that, there are a number of ways you can consume ghee to lose weight, but we’ve brought you some of the easiest and trusted ones you can start off with:

Ghee with warm milk

Why not start with the basics? Ghee with hot milk is known to relieve constipation and soothe the digestive system. Constipation leads to bloating and weight gain and often becomes a silent hurdle in the process of weight loss. Consuming shudh desi ghee with warm milk, every night before going to bed, relaxes the stomach, easing out the bowels and gradually accelerating the weight loss process.

Ghee to top up diet meals

All you need to do to let ghee play its magic is by adding a spoonful of it to your everyday diet meals without feeling guilty about it. One teaspoon desi ghee in your oatmeal bowl, a dollop of it on your ragi dosa, half a spoon in your supper soup or a brush of it on the grilled paneer should just be perfect to give you a lip-smacking dish as also aid your weight loss process.

Relish it, the traditional way

Often, in the quest of losing weight quickly, people refrain from relishing their traditional delicacies and punish themselves too harshly. Our suggestion: don’t be one of them because you have desi cow ghee to your rescue. Once in a while enjoy your puran poli, daal batti or churma laddoo with ghee because that won’t do you any harm. The one spoon of ghee in these dishes, in fact, balances the other elements that may cause weight gain by shrinking the size of the fat cells and arresting fat accumulation.

Ghee with staples

One of the easiest and assured ways to bring ghee to benefit you is consuming it every day with your staple meals. One teaspoon on a hot chapati, or a little of it on daal and rice is enough to assure smooth weight loss process without starving or experimenting. That way you stay nourished and also don’t allow fat to get stored in your body.

Ghee for tadkas

Whether you opt to stick to homemade regular meals or go for tailored diets suiting your weight loss regime, hand-churned cow ghee can go with either of it by using it as a medium for cooking. Cook your low carb diet food, saute your proteins or give tadka to your khichdi in desi ghee, it all works in favor of reaching your weight loss goals!

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