Going on a diet? Desi cow ghee is an important ingredient

by Amrutam India

If you are determined to lose weight and are sweating it out religiously, do not forget the fact that you also need to accompany your rigorous workout sessions with a meticulously charted diet if you wish to see fast results.

Diet, as they say, is one of the most important factors governing the weight loss process. Nutrition experts and doctors claim diet to constitute 70 percent share in the journey of shedding extra weight while exercise holds the remaining 30 percent.

It is imperative to know your body well and consume only those foods that work in favour of your weight loss plan, which primarily includes fibers followed by proteins and carbs in little amounts. Going on a diet not only accelerates the fat burning process but also instills lifelong lessons of self-control and builds self-awareness in regards to your own body and how conscious eating affects its well-being steadily.

So as rightly said, if you are considering going on a diet or if you have already begun the process, there’s one magic scoop you need to add to your meals to make it work better and faster: Pure desi cow ghee.

Desi ghee has garnered much attention in recent years, thanks to its naturally nourishing and healing properties that nurture every organ of the body and improve every vital function. Apart from this, A2 cow ghee or hand-churned desi cow ghee has conjugated linoleic acid which aids weight loss by shrinking the size of fat cells and preventing fat deposition, thus making it just right for all your diet preps.

Backed up by science, desi ghee has also shown to improve heart health and increase its endurance which makes it a better option for cooking as compared to vegetable oil. So if you are on a diet and are planning to go off oil, do it! But do not forget to replace the oil with one tablespoon of desi cow ghee. Desi ghee also has a high smoke point as compared to oils which is why it doesn’t break into free radicals and keeps the nutrients of your food intact and safe.

Along with cooking, you can also use ghee to just stir up your veggies or tofu, or brush few cubes of paneer to grill them or might as well add a spoonful of desi cow ghee to your diet soup for better taste and results.

Another important benefit of incorporating desi ghee in your diet plan is the fact that ghee relaxes the gut and enhances digestion. More frequently, people who drastically change their dietary habits to lose weight, suffer from bowel disturbances, causing the body to take a longer time to adjust to the changing intake pattern. Disturbed bowels can cause acidity and constipation, both of which cause bloating and weight gain. One teaspoon of ghee, under these circumstances, soothes the intestinal activity and prevents inflammation, bloating or constipation and instead boosts the activity of the fat cells. If you are facing this trouble, you right away could start with the ideal ghee therapy: Desi cow with hot milk, to get your stomach on track.

There’s more to ghee but there’s more to you, which is why, it’s high time you pick some desi ghee and drop it in your diet smoothie or cornflakes bowl to get that dream waistline, faster! You can buy your healthy jar of ghee here.