Did you know? Desi cow ghee is good for pregnant women

by Amrutam India

The most beautiful feeling in this world is to carry life within you. A phase which needs to be backed by unlimited pampering for both - the mother and the little one. The right nutrition is the key to a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. Ghee provides that extra energy needed for self-nourishment and to support fetus' growth.

Ghee is a necessity for our body like grease is needed by machines for its components to function well and longer. Cravings tread on the heels of pregnancy, even though it is desirable to satisfy them, but in a healthy way. Ghee makes every dish appetizing and provides stamina of the stressed body of a pregnant woman.

It should be consumed daily during pregnancy in a healthy limit. Fortunately, a friend of mine sent a big jar of desi cow ghee as she heard about my 'good news.’ I savored desi ghee daily and here are a few interesting ways to consume ghee every day during those nine months.

  • Milk with ghee is the superfood combination for pregnant women. Both milk and ghee are easily available and consumed daily typically in the Indian household. It is also every mother's favorite. Ghee helps the digestive system work better, lubricate the joints, and strengthen bones. Milk is a rich source of calcium and ghee is the powerhouse of energy. The baby and mother both need loads of this magic potion as they go through various growth spurts.

  • Makahanas, commonly known as lotus seeds have umpteen benefits, they are an excellent source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamin, protein, fiber, and phosphorus. Just roasted in ghee and sprinkled with normal salt and black pepper make for a sumptuous snack. These come in handy when the mom-to-be and baby are not in a very good morning mood. This particular snack is very light yet nutritious.

  • Laddoos, the synonym of meetha (sweet) in India are easy to make and full of goodness. Even babies are fondly called laddoo here, a laddoo loaded with ghee and other healthy ingredients is a handy food choice for pregnant women waking up to sweet cravings. The ones commonly consumed in pregnancy are ragi laddoos, gond laddoos, and dry fruit laddoos.

  • Ayurveda stresses on the regular consumption of desi cow ghee during pregnancy. It suggests 7-8 tsps daily during these nine months. Ghee can be combined with milk or medicated with sweet herbs like licorice and Shatavari, most beneficial when taken early morning on empty stomach.

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