Common myths and misconceptions of ghee

by Deep Shah

Often, our lives are painted with myths and preconceived notions about certain things. As difficult as it is disputing them, a lack of factual evidence can be even more dangerous. An example of brewing misconceptions is with that of A2 cow ghee. Despite having the reputation of being a ‘superfood,’ we often make some common mistakes.

A close relative of clarified butter, ghee is used in a plethora of settings. Whether used in the preparation of food, medical purposes, or rituals, pure ghee is an integral part of our lives. Yet, we are unaware of some key facts related to it. Let’s spill the beans and refute the common misconceptions and myths we may hold towards pure A2 ghee.

1. Ghee made at home = pure ghee

The word on the street is that homemade ghee inherently translates to purity. However, while preparing ghee, there are some crucial aspects of the procedure that are often ignored. Anything can go wrong while following the complicated and tedious steps of the process.

Purchasing pure A2 cow ghee from a trusted brand is recommended as they not only follow each step consciously but also ensure the quality and purity of the product. Ghee made from the ancient bilona process increases the benefits of consuming it by a hundredfold.

2. Vanaspati ghee is regular desi ghee

Vanaspati is a desi vegetable ghee that is not only cheaper but has also been hydrogenated and hardened. Desi ghee, on the other hand, is traditionally made with pure desi cow’s milk and has a stockpile of nutrients. Focusing on health benefits, pure A2 ghee is a better option than vanaspati ghee as the latter contains high trans fat content and can be harmful to the heart.

3. To choose the correct metal container

Every food has an excellent place of storage, so does A2 cow ghee. It can be stored in opaque containers and even in a glass jar as it is quite safe. But the ghee needs to be stored away from sunlight. Since it has a high shelf life, it need not be refrigerated..

4. Keeping ghee in an open bowl

The term ‘old is gold’ holds for A2 cow ghee. If stored in optimal conditions, your ghee can last longer than a year. However, make sure it is stored in a container that is tightly sealed because if it is stored in an open bowl, the oxygen will make the ghee go rancid. If you prefer to keep it in open conditions, don’t forget to place the open bowl in the refrigerator to safeguard it from any impurities in the air.

5. The ghee consumption level

A common yet laughable misconception is that desi ghee will increase your weight. However, very few realize that the mistake lies in the level of consumption. Anything in excess will prove detrimental to your health, but having a fixed yet routinely intake of ghee will nourish your body and provide you with a host of nutrients. A maximum of two tablespoons of ghee in a day will do wonders.

6. Considering ghee made from Holstein cows as A2 cow ghee

Holstein cows found in North America, are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces. These cattle are also known for their high production of milk in the world. A2 cows are very different from Holstein cows, and as a result, their dairy products differ in taste, quality, and content.

As far as A2 cow milk is concerned, it is mostly sold in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and China. You need to understand the variety and benefits of these two separately. Don’t confuse A2 cow ghee with Holstein cows’ milk and ghee.

7. Using moist hands to take the ghee out from the jar

Whenever you come in contact with ghee, make sure your hands are thoroughly dry. Picking out ghee using wet hands is may absorb the moisture from your hands which consequently, will turn the ghee rancid. Hence, to avoid your ghee going bad, use dry hands.

Final words

Even the Vedas have acknowledged the benefits of ghee, calling it ‘the first and the most essential of all foods.’ The extent of the utility of pure A2 cow ghee goes beyond our imagination. As a spiritual food, we need to treasure this gift and use it conscientiously. Taking a few minutes to understand the process and reasons why we work the way we do can go a long way to securing a healthy lifestyle. Kickstart your journey to good health by purchasing a jar of pure desi cow ghee from our shop.