Benefits of Ghee During Pregnancy

by Amrutam India

Pregnancy is news that brings about happiness and joy to an entire family. One of the most common phrases, when we receive good news, is “tere muh mein ghee, shakkar” (May your mouth be full of ghee and sugar for saying such delightful things). I was blessed to give the Indian 'good news’ and embraced motherhood recently. It’s a wonderful place to be, a phenomenon that you can enjoy to the hilt if you've taken good prenatal and postnatal care. Ghee plays a pivotal role in both phases of motherhood. Pure desi A2 cow ghee being an integral part of our diet has many advantages, especially during pregnancy.

Easier to digest and boosts metabolism

Pure Desi Ghee reduces the glycemic index of the accompanied meal. Consuming meals cooked or eaten with a spoonful of ghee can help combat obesity, diabetes and PCOD amongst other problems. During pregnancy, your body is weakened and more prone to health issues.

The knowledge of this fact is the reason why I added ghee to my diet regime. Unlike other dairy products ghee is easier to digest, low in cholesterol and suitable for the development of the baby. Soon, I substituted my regular oil and butter with desi ghee.

Keeps pregnancy blues at bay

Ghee keeps you energised thereby helping you cope with increased body stress. With the increased weight, seeps in lethargy, ghee gave me that extra energy to stay active throughout the 9-month period.

Adds flavour to every dish

Ghee combines very well with a lot of other foods. It makes everything taste better, especially when you're in the “I don't feel like eating anything" phase of pregnancy. I added it to milk, roti, dal, vegetables, laddoos and other yummy desserts and dishes.

Eases the delivery process

Consumption of ghee in the third trimester irritates the bowel movement, inducing labour. The delivery of my baby was smooth, I did not face any problems. I believe the regular consumption of ghee facilitated it. Most of the advice received from my elders during pregnancy wasn't backed by scientific research. However, pregnant women have been consuming desi ghee for ages, so I thought, why not?

To derive the maximum nutrition and benefits of the food that you consume, you must have ghee in the purest form. For this purpose, I highly recommend AmrutamGhee: Desi Cow Ghee, A2 Cow Ghee, made by hand churning A2 cow milk. It retains the healthy essence of ghee. I relished it throughout my pregnancy, thanks to the Amrutam Ghee team who aided a smooth 9 months period for me by providing pure yummy ghee.