All you need to know about Gir Cows

by Amrutam India

Since your childhood or even that of your parents, it's always been desi cow ghee that was accompanied with your food. There are numerous dishes made with pure ghee. However, now there's a variant of ghee that we've only remotely heard about before. It's also a common question that we receive from our customers before they purchase our product. What is Gir cow ghee? Or how is it different from Desi cow ghee?

There are other questions as well, like why should I buy Gir cow ghee? What are its benefits? Gir ghee is now coming up, and people are made aware because it is a made from a superior breed of cows. However, it is also a rare variety of ghee produced. Here's an infographic on Gir cows, the milk that they produce and the benefits of the ghee made from the A2 milk of Gir cows.

Gir cow ghee has all the benefits, made from the 'bilona' or 'valona' process, free from machines and chemicals. It is the creamiest, healthiest ghee, filled with nutrients to facilitate good health. Head over to our products page to buy your bottle of Gir cow ghee today!