6 reasons why desi cow ghee is your best friend during pregnancy

by Deep Shah

Bringing a life into this world is no less than an arduous task. While nurturing a baby is no child's play, the pandemic has made it even more challenging. Being healthy and safe is paramount in such a time. Therefore, it is imperative to work towards building your immunity as a safeguard against this global threat. After all, a child is only as healthy as the mother. Here is a simple and easy way to boost your immunity for all expecting mothers―add A2 Gir Ghee to your diet. 

Is desi ghee good for pregnant women?

1. Works as an all-natural immunity booster

Celebrated since ancient times, A2 Gir Ghee is commended for its ability to boost immunity. Packed with nutritional goodness and health benefits. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women. It is an all-natural, ayurvedic immunity booster! Containing antioxidants which strengthen the antigens in your immune systems, desi ghee helps fight harmful viruses and bacteria that are prone to enter your body. If a natural immunity boost is not enough, ghee will also make your food delectable and help deal with unhealthy midnight cravings.

2. Aids digestion and metabolism

It becomes even more essential for your digestive system and metabolism to work ideally when carrying a life inside of you. Indigestion and sour metabolism can be the root of many issues detrimental to your health. A2 Gir Ghee is excellent for digestion. It increases digestive juices in your stomach and nourishes the intestine. Moreover, it helps fight acidity, which is troubling for many pregnant women as an expanding uterus pushes the acidic juices upwards. Shudh desi ghee also relieves constipation which helps cleanse the system and strengthens metabolism.

3. Full of vitamins, minerals and good fats

As a pregnant woman, you not only need to provide enough nourishment for yourself but also your child. A2 Gir Ghee is a reservoir of nutrients. It not only contains Vitamins A, D, E, and K but is also a rich source of natural CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Omega - 3 and - 9. A plethora of minerals and good fats present in A2 Gir Ghee also make it a good source of nutrition for you and your child.

4. Rich source of energy

Pregnant women need twice the amount of energy to sustain themselves. Performing routine tasks can get tiring as well. As if that is not hard enough, this lockdown has led to a shortage of house help. Under these dire circumstances, A2 cow ghee can be your best friend! One tablespoon of A2 Gir Ghee with milk every day will go a long way in keeping you active and energized throughout the day. 

5. Helps to reduce Stress

We understand that pregnancy can get stressful. Moreover, the work culture has been doing no favours by stimulating tension and anxiety. An expecting mother needs to be able to relax and be calm. Although it's much more complex than it sounds, A2 gir ghee can help. It helps soothe your raging hormones and relaxes the body. It is an excellent brain tonic that enhances the nerves and helps them relax, leading to a feel-good sensation and being content. A2 Gir Ghee will help you keep your sanity during these turbulent times

6. Relief from pregnancy pain

Pregnancy is often accompanied by physical pain, swelling, and general discomfort. While ghee will strengthen you from the inside, it can also soothe physical pain. Using ghee to massage your body daily, specifically the swollen or affected areas, will be very relaxing and comforting. Rubbing some ghee on your eyelids will also help you achieve sound sleep.

None of us would be here had it not been for expecting mothers. Their perseverance and strength to continue are truly commendable. The new life you are about to bring to this world is not just meant for you, but it is also a significant contribution to humankind. We only hope that they get to see a better, disease-free, healthy world. A2 Gir Ghee has repeatedly proven to help you stay safe and healthy. Start now by getting your Amrutam A2 Gir Ghee bottle at our online shop.