A2 Cow Ghee - the spiritual elixir that you need

by Amrutam India

"Ghritasya dharamariten sambhritam"

'Stream of ghee- full of elixir.' Known for increasing the sattvic qualities of life in our self as well as our environment, ghee allows body and mind, both subtle and gross; to burn with a refined brilliance. (Atharva Veda)

From being entitled as 'elixir of life' to 'jar of health', ghee's spiritual value, besides its medicinal and culinary importance, is undeniable. Our ancient scriptures and Vedas throw light on ghee's significance by describing it as a (flawless) Nirdosh food, which increases body vigour and vitality. According to Atharva Veda, ghee's use strengthens the body and enhances life span. Vedas call ghee 'the first and most essential of all foods'. There are prayers in Rigveda and Atharva Veda seeking that God may provide us with so much ghee that our houses are always full of this most nutritious food.

Spiritual Importance of Ghee

Cow ghee is used to light lamps in temples and pujas all over India. Besides acting as a fuel to lamps and increasing the fire's intensity, the light from burning ghee is said to ward off negativities, ignorance and evil influences.

Vedas view Yagya as a pious step, taken before starting anything new in life or attaining happiness. Offering ghee to Agni(fire) is fundamental to all Yajnas(Yagyas).

In scientific language, ghee helps in rapid combustion of wood and keeps the fire alight. However, according to Shastras, Agni is the mouth of the Gods, and through offerings made to Agni, ghee is the food that feeds them— hence justifying, both the scientific and spiritual worth of ghee.

Ideal Food For Yogis

"He who begins the practice of Yoga without controlling the diet suffers from many diseases and does not make progress in Yoga". (Gheranda Samhita)

Like Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, ancient texts consider dietary guidelines for the Yogi, with ghee coming first in lists of sattvic foods. Ghee is opposed to tamasic and rajasic food (prohibited foods like garlic, chillies, meat and coffee) which are considered irritating and stimulating, thus interfering with the subtle effects of Yoga. In contrast, milk and ghee are said to take care of the nervous system and prepare it to withstand any heightened activity. Yogis use ghee's ability to increase the physical element of fire in opening a fast.

Vedas and Upanishads mention, "The sweet and nourishing food should be mixed with ghee and milk, nourishing all dhatus [tissues] and be pleasing and suitable."(Hatha Yoga Pradipika).

No doubt the tasty recipes by our dadi and nanis use ghee as an essential ingredient.

Importance Of Ghee In Ayurveda And Yoga

Both Ayurveda and Yoga believe that the mind and body affect each other. Hence, it is impossible to look at ghee's effects on the body and mind in separation. However, ghee's daily consumption helps Yogis practice, strengthening the mind and purifying the intellect.

Various yogic practises such as pranayama and meditation result in the formation of heat in our bodies. This heat, also known as 'tapas' (specific kind of heat generated by certain yogic practices, known to burn off impurities), being more than physical heat, is a mental or spiritual heat. Yogis use ghee to increase the purifying heat in both body and mind, just as ghee is offered in fire ceremonies for increasing the fire.

Value Of Pure Ghee In The 21st Century

With the evolving lifestyle and changing times, purity and quality is something with which we seem to compromise. Be it the polluted environment or the stressed work from home schedules; we always tend to settle for less.

You can trust our A2 cow ghee for spiritual purposes besides using it as a kitchen essential. Amrutam A2 ghee is made only from A2 milk of the desi cows. These cows are fed and bred with great love and care. It is hand-churned and processed using the ancient bilona process and packaged to perfection for you. Own what you deserve, by purchasing the purest A2 desi cow ghee at our shop.