3 ways to know if your A2 Cow Ghee has gone bad

by Amrutam India

Desi ghee is an evergreen food. Many households are consuming ghee regularly to absorb the ultimate ghee benefits. However, a2 cow ghee, like many consumable items, has an expiry date.

The conversion from butter to ghee defines the lifespan of desi ghee. To avoid mustiness, many households prepare a2 cow ghee at home. However, there’s one ideal process where the butter is gently simmered to obtain allergen-free pure desi ghee. The taste of ghee is worth bearing with the reek of that. This traditional ghee-producing process is the Bilona process.

Bilona process

The science of Indian cooking is rooted in its traditions. Desi or a2 cow ghee is referred to as the golden treasure of health in Ayurveda. When the ghee is prepared by traditional and animal-friendly Vedic techniques, the purest form of ghee is achieved.

This bilona technique of pure A2 cow ghee is used for retaining the health properties to facilitate the essential nutrients to humans. This hand-churned ghee is rich in properties that ultimately help in enhancing your health. The step-by-step process is as follows –

Step 1: The fresh A2 milk is procured from grass-fed A2 cows. This unprocessed and raw A2 milk is stored in a clay pot, which is further converted into the curd.

Step 2: In the next step of the process, a wooden hand churner is used to churn the curd. The prepared curd is further hand-churned. This method is the soul of the entire Bilona process and keeps the ghee connected to the roots of Indian traditions.

Step 3: The hand-churning method gradually separates the butter from the curd. That butter (or Makhan) is collected aside in another pan or bowl.

Step 4: The separated butter is stored in a pot, preferably in a thick iron vessel. The vessel is placed on a mild cow dung cake fire and the butter is boiled until the pure a2 cow ghee is acquired.

How do you know if your A2 cow ghee has gone bad?

Regular ghee consumption is preferred. However, if it is the contrary, you may need to perform certain experiments to check the shelf life of the stored ghee. Pure desi ghee does not go bad in a day or two. Although, the fat degrades the quality with the time. To keep it fresh and verdant, some people do keep it in the freezer. However, it is not recommended.

In the process of achieving ghee from the butter, the milk solids are removed from the pure desi ghee. Thus, if the milk solids are restrained in the ghee, there are lower chances of getting rancid. Desi ghee does not have butyrate and there is no hydrolysis. There are basically three ways to find if the ghee has gone bad –

1. Discoloration

The original jar of pure desi ghee is like a yellow-treasure of health and wellness. The color and crystals of A2 cow ghee are itself enough to define the worth of it. If ghee is stored for longer and with a bit of carelessness, it may lose its authentic color. This is the primary way to identify the color and its worth for consumption.

2. Distinct odor

Ghee has a pleasant aroma that goes the distance. Whenever it meets to flame or gets melted, the aroma gets to blend with the surrounding. If you start noticing that your ghee doesn’t smell have a milky-sweet odor anymore, it may be an indication that it is rancid and should not be consumed.

3. Sour flavor

After witnessing the discoloration on the surface and the smell, check for the taste too. A2 cow ghee comprises a sumptuous nutty flavor; but if it doesn’t taste that way, it is an indication that the ghee has gone bad. Even the dishes prepared with the same will taste bad.

Final words

A2 cow ghee is a natural bliss. The Vedic A2 ghee and the Bilona process are cruelty-free and animal-friendly inclusions. Ghee can go bad but it depends on its making process to avoid any possible rancidity of the same. The Bilona process ensures that the ghee is achieved through the traditional procedure and perfection. This further lessens the possibility of getting rancid and makes it lasts longer. Amrutam Ghee is made specifically with the Bilona process and is an absolute treasure for your health. You can purchase your jar of health at our shop.