10 Properties of A2 Cow Milk

by Amrutam India

A2 cow milk has always been around, but we've just started hearing more about it now. How is it different from the milk that we drink now? Why is it called A2 milk?

The milk that we usually consume is A1, which is high in casein proteins and often doesn't agree with lactose intolerant people. It is obtained from jersey breeds like Holstein or mixed breeds.

On the other hand, A2 milk is given by local Indian breeds (desi gaay). It is low in casein which is why products like pure desi cow ghee have it as the primary ingredient. There's a lot more to A2 milk which has been explained well in Ayurveda.

And if you want to check if the milk you consume is A2, here are the ten properties of A2 cow milk:

  1. Swadu - Sweetness

  2. Sheeta - Cold

  3. Mrudu - Soft

  4. Snigdha - Unctuous, Oily

  5. Bahala - Density, Thick

  6. Shlakshna - Smoothness

  7. Picchila - Sliminess, Stickiness

  8. Guru - Heavy

  9. Manda - Slowness

  10. Prasanna - Calming, Clarity


Each litre of AmrutamGhee is made from 30 litres of A2 cow milk and has all these properties. Furthermore, it has health benefits like facilitating digestion, low in cholesterol and much more. It's time to join the league of healthy people and buy your jar of pure desi ghee today.